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Comparison: Scion FR-S Concept vs. Production


Now that the Scion FR-S has been unveiled in North America and we’ve had a chance to examine her curves, I thought it would be a cool idea to go back to the FR-S Concept to compare how different the production model came out to be.  Naturally, car companies can’t produce such extreme looking cars for mass consumption; they have to decide on a delicate balance of cutting edge and acceptable, so as not to shy away potential buyers.  I took the following detailed images of the FR-S at the LA Auto Show for us to compare with.  Click past the break to start.

Encounter: Lexus LFA @ 2011 LA Auto Show


With the hype surrounding Lexus’ LFA slowly dying out, it’s easy to forget just how bad ass this car really is.  I was happy to run into the 2012 model at the LA Auto Show last week, so I decided to put up this shot and an accompanying spec sheet with all the little details about the car we all drool over.  Click past the break for the breakdown that will melt your face off…

Close-Up: Subaru BRZ Concept-STi


So, I finally made the quick trip over to the LA Convention Center to attend the LA Auto Show.  While it’s always great to see each manufacturers take on the cutting edge of automotive engineering, I really came to see one car; the Subaru BRZ STi Concept.  Of all the automotive topics discussed recently, Toyota’s predecessor to the now iconic AE86 has been the hottest.  Will it be Toyota or Scion?  What is the actual model name?  Turbocharged or naturally aspirated?  Will it use Subaru’s flat Boxer engine?  For quite awhile, consumers and fans were left in the dark, but finally some light is being shed on the details.  Check out some more shots of Subaru’s new member of the STi family past the break.