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Event: Nisei Showoff 2012 V.2


Since there’s not too much left, I’ll go ahead and finish the rest of the pictures in this post.  Like I mentioned before, the day just didn’t really unfold like a typical car show day for me, so I got very limited shots.  I think most of these are going to be from around 6-7 pm in the evening, just as the sun was setting behind the hi-rises of downtown LA.  This was also when a lot of the show cars were leaving, which made it nice to get some solitary shots of each.  I’m always a little urked by how close together they park some of the cars; making it almost impossible to get a decent picture of them.  Especially when you have a lot of open lot space, you can give each car another foot of room or so and it would be much better.  I’ve never organized a car show before though so what the hell do I know?  I’m sure there’s reasons for it.  In a way I’m kind of glad I didn’t take many pictures, but rather enjoyed walking around and taking a close look at the cars – which is something I don’t often do.  The lineup of Honda builds, organized by Joey Lee from The Chronicles, was pretty amazing.  So in that sense, I’m glad I got a better look at them, instead of just taking pictures.  I’m sure he’ll have massive coverage, so be sure to check it out.  Click past the break for more.

Event: Nisei Showoff 2012 V.1


Nisei Week in Downtown Los Angeles; a time to celebrate the Japanese-American culture in the best way; good food, great location, lots of celebration, people dressing up in Japanese attire and of course the Nisei Showoff.  I wasn’t actually planning on attending this year for a few reasons, but because I sort of volunteered my car to help Yuta out, I ended up attending later in the day.  I had work in the morning all the way in Orange County, so I didn’t actually end up getting to Little Tokyo until a little after 3.  I had been driving Allan’s Fit because he had to drive my car to LA that morning to set up at the Wheel Flip booth.  Actually a really good thing because his Fit has great air conditioning, and it was basically the hottest day of the year.  So due to my time constraints, I didn’t get as much coverage as I usually do – which I don’t really mind as I wasn’t planning on going anyway.  The cars I did really want to get shots of, the Loi-Spec Integras, all left a bit early so I never got the chance to photograph them.  Not too big of a deal though as I’m sure I’ll see them at a Raceline event in the near future.  It probably didn’t help that the first thing we did when we go into the show was…leave the show.  I couldn’t help it though; I was starving and in Little Tokyo – I needed ramen and a beer.  If I were to be completely honest, it seems like the turn out wasn’t anything like the previous years; the lot was not as full, and the crowds just weren’t there.  This could be for a few reasons; one being that the Infamous Hellaflush meet was being held on the same day in Long Beach, and the other being that this event seems to always be ‘up in the air’ as to whether or not there will be a next year.  Why the Hellaflush meet was planned for the same day is beyond me.  It seems almost suicide for the ‘scene’ to plan two huge events on the same day, 20 miles apart from one another and tear people between which to attend.  Anyway, most of my shots were from later in the day as people were getting ready to leave, so I apologize if it seems strange.  Click past the break for the first part of the coverage.

Event: Nisei Showoff 2011 v.1


C-h-e-c-k.  Check.  OK, my keyboard still works.  Holy shit I’m tired.  Two nights before Nisei I was stuck at work for 23 hours straight.  Yeah that’s right, 23.  I never fully recovered, so on the morning of the show I was hating my life.  I remember a fairly large line when gates opened last year, so this year I showed up pretty early and to my surprise come 11 o’clock, there was only about 15 people behind me.  I guess it must have picked up throughout the day though because people were saying the turnout was good.  I had stuff to do in Westwood a little past 1 o’clock so I figured I had around 2 hours to take care of business; Wakayama Ramen lunch included.  Click past the break for part one of however many Nisei posts I feel like making out of the 400 pictures I took.