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Event: Wekfest 2012 – Fort Mason, San Francisco v.3


By now I’m sure there is extensive coverage of this show up on every forum, blog, and auto site across the entire internet – so let me first thank you for sticking with NDF.  There are a grip of sites out there to get content from, but I want you to know that, although new, NDF is here to stay.  From where we are now, we can only get better.  So I’ve gone through hundreds of photos and it looks like I still have two or three posts left for this show.  Most car shows I just breeze through because I end up seeing the same stuff over and over; but since I don’t go to shows in the Bay area that often (I don’t go to care shows that often anyway; although I may attend more than I think!), I really got to see a lot of different things not from So-Cal.  Enough with the talk, let’s get into some more coverage!  I got some interesting stuff in this post, so click past the break for part three of NDF goes to Wekfest SF.

Event: Wekfest 2012 – Fort Mason, San Francisco v.2 – back story

So I had my first chance to look at my opening post on Wekfest SF, and it looks as if all the pics are grossly under-saturated. I think this might be a result of the monitor I processed them on. I was staying at my friends place in East Bay, so I took advantage of my time there to throw together that first post. I wanted to get the first post out because I wasn’t sure about how much time I’d have when I got back home.  In hindsight it looks like I should have held off! His monitor settings may have had the saturation and contrast way up, so I tried to compensate.  Oh well, it’s a little too late to change them now, but this next round of pics should look much crispier.  Anyway, like I said in the first post, this second round of coverage will be much less cookie cutter.  Shooting car shows can get a little boring – so if there’s no story, it’s just a photo dump.  I found my ‘lost’ CF card that had my shots around the city on it, including all the great places I ate at this weekend.  I’m no stranger to San Francisco; as I used to fly there every week for about a solid 6 months in a row.  This post will include some shots of the day before Wekfest.  My coverage will probably end up being around 4 or 5 posts worth – so there is still plenty more!  Click past the break to check out my view.

Event: Wekfest 2012 – Fort Mason, San Francisco v.1


According to the internet, there are currently around 800,000 or so people living in San Francisco; I think roughly half of them were at Fort Mason this past Sunday to attend Wekfest.  Yes, that is a gross exaggeration, but the Weksos crew did manage to more than oversell the show.  The massive following the show has garnered over the years resulted in an attendance number much larger than what was expected; so large in fact that the police and fire departments had to refuse entry to some people due to fire code regulations – which was obviously out of the hands of the organizers.  Other than that, from the eyes of a photographer, this show was unbelievable.  The venue is by far the coolest I’ve been to, the lighting is great, the people are all awesome, and the selection of cars was really well thought out.  Before I start the coverage I’d like to say thank you to the guys at Weksos and everyone one else involved in the organization of this show – something as large as this isn’t easy to pull off, and the hard work is appreciated.  Click past the break to kick this off.