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Event: It’s JDM Yo! 1st Anniversary Meet v.3


The stragglers.  Leftover pictures that didn’t make it into an event post.  This is what you’ll get with the final It’s JDM Yo! event post.  Seriously, these events are getting so big that it’s near impossible to methodically post every car that was in attendance.  It’s too bad too because some really good builds go unnoticed sometimes.  Anyway, I’ve been working mad 12 hour shifts at work and haven’t had anytime to dedicate to the site in awhile.  I wanted to finish up with the final pictures before I go out of town once again.  With that said, on with the pics.

Event: It’s JDM Yo! 1st Anniversary Meet v.2


Welcome back to the second part of the It’s JDM Yo! meet coverage.  The sites traffic has been way up recently, I’d like to thank everyone who checks the site regularly.  I’ll be getting some merchandise together soon too, so everyone that’s been interested in it, hold on just a little longer!  Anyway, after we checked out what was in the outside lot, we ventured into the main warehouse building.  They put up a DJ in almost every room in the warehouse, playing different music.  I thought that was pretty sweet.  Check out the pics past the break.

Event: It’s JDM Yo! 1st Anniversary Meet v.1


Alright, let me just start out by saying that this meet turned out to be way bigger than I had expected.  I had originally planned to stop by real quick, say hello to a few people, snap some shots and jam to Aliso Viejo to the Tamiya RC track.  Despite my attempts to hurry, we ended up staying for about 2 hours.  The layout of the meet was really cool, with multiple doors leading to new warehouses; all packed full of self-built cars.  Some were track inspired, many were heavily VIP influenced, all were cool in their own right.  I didn’t have my 28mm with me, so the majority of these were taken with my 50mm – forgive the lack of full car shots, but at a meet like this, and the lenses I had, it was all but impossible to snatch a frame without anyone getting in the way.  Click past the break to see the first of the coverage.