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Feature: Thunder Drift IS400 – 2012 Build Progress


For those of you who are regulars of NDF, this Lexus (…is that what this is?) will be a familiar site to you.  It belongs to Joe McGuigan and is in the process of quite the transformation.  If you’re not familiar with what Joe does, check this out.   If you aren’t familiar with what he does it with, check this out.  Last year, Joe ran Thunder Drift with the stock 2JZ; underpowered to say the least.  Well, as you can see, things have changed.  With the 2012 season approaching and new targets in his site, he’s decided to ditch the OEM power in favor of some V8 juice!  Check out more of the 1UZ swap progress past the break.

Feature: The San Mateo Terror – TD Pro Am Lexus IS300


The one thing that continues to amaze me in this industry is the amount of great, down to earth people there are.  No matter the discipline, whether you’re a driver, a spectator, a mechanic, or involved in media coverage, it just seems hard to come across a person you won’t get along with.  Case in point; Joe McGuigan.  Joe drifts in the Thunder Drift: Pro Am series here in Northern California.  The series basically serves as a gateway for amateur drivers looking to get into national series like Formula D.  As this season comes to an end, Joe is already looking to next year where, with an all new engine setup, will be shooting for his Formula D license.  Let’s take a closer look at his weapon of choice past the break.