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News: US F1 Austin Track Layout Revealed


People who know me will tell you I’m somewhat ‘obsessed’ with Formula 1; and with F1 being the absolute pinnacle of motorsports, it doesn’t go without reason.  So when I logged into Formula1.com today and saw that legendary track architect Hermann Tilke, along with the race organizers, had revealed the new Austin layout, I was pleasantly surprised.  And man is it a good one!  The natural elevation changes are being put to great use, especially in turn 1; a wild, uphill hairpin to start the race.  Many of the other corners take ques from legendary circuits around the world, increasing the anticipation to see this track completed.  F1 has been gone from United States for 5 years now, and many of us American fans are dying to see it’s return.  Now if we could only get a team up and running by 2012 as well.  Click past the break to see more pics.