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Feature: Makin’ Winners Out Of Sinners – Cody Chan’s Attack-Inspired Miata


To say that we’ve come quite a way in pushing the bounds of modification would be an understatement for most.  On occasions where influence and creativity converge over time, amazing results can happen; as is the case with the Miata you see here.  Cody’s pursuit of building the perfect Roadster has been a long one, and one where Japanese prominence has prevailed in all areas.  From the Super Lap styled exterior, to the adequately tuned engine, he’s transformed this NA from a mild mannered sports car into a battle ready track devil.  Honestly I can’t even remember how I got to talking with Cody (I think through NDF Facebook), but as soon as I realized that he was the one responsible for this build, I was itching to get my hands on it.   We’re both pretty busy guys, but we managed to met up a few weeks later to knock out a quick photoshoot.  If you will, please disregard the obscure title reference to the Paul McCartney song for a few minutes and click past the break to see just what this one of a kind Miata is all about.

Feature: Playing in the rain – Kevin’s Fairlady Z


I’ve always been a fan of the Z32; it’s shape is so iconic to the 90’s sports car.  It’s one of those cars that I love to look at, but would never have the patience to build.  So, with that said, I’ll leave it up to people like Kevin Hurst to build them for me to look at.  I met Kevin when he moved into my old apartment complex a few years ago.  I had noticed his Z in the parking area a few times, mainly due to the concave 5-Zigens and it being 1 inch off the ground, but I never saw a driver.  We eventually ran into each other when I was washing my car and instantly started talking cars.  I mentioned my blog and it was decided that I would eventually get to photograph his car.  A few months and mods later, we finally both had a break in our schedules to take some shots and grab some lunch.  Check out the results past the break.