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Event: Wekfest East 2012 – New Jersey V.3


Well, it’s about that time to start wrapping up the show coverage.  I was planning on posting the third and final round of coverage this weekend, but ended up working, as well as temporarily acquiring a vinyl cutter.  The latter occurrence took up the majority of my Monday so I wasn’t able to work on getting the post up.  Oh well, I have some time tonight and will do just that.  We pick up mid-afternoon when the show was really getting busy.  The turnout was really, really good for it being the first East coast show that Weksos has put on.  I was very happy for everyone involved at the success of the day.  I don’t really have much else to say in this post that hasn’t already been stated.  In this post we’ll take a closer look at some of the nice Hondas at the show, as well as a look at the roll-out.  Again, you’ll be able to see the insane amount of variety that these Wekfest shows provide.  Just click past the break and enjoy the rest of the shots.

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Event: Wekfest East 2012 – New Jersey V.2


It’s 2 am on Saturday morning, I don’t have work tomorrow (edit – I DO have work today), and I’m stacked up on caffeine; I may as well get started on posting the second round of Wekfest East.  Yuta’s civic was having some work done at a shop in Upland this past week, and this evening we drove up there to pick it up.  While in the area, we decided to meet Kodi Chan at Maxim off the 60 in Rowland Heights.  I don’t get to see Kodi that often so it was nice that it worked out that way.  I ended up drinking way too much coffee though, and as a result am writing this right now.  I’m sure I’ll wake up tomorrow…err..today, and read this and it probably won’t make any sense to me.  I just thought for some reason you should know why this post will be comprehensively poorly written.  Right.  Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the New Jersey convention center to check out more of the cars at Wekfest.  In this post, I’ll wrap up what I have left of the roll-in and get started on showing the masses of cars that were in attendance.  I gotta say, as I look back on each car as I edit them, I’m finding more and more cool things I didn’t notice initially.  I’ll point some of the things out as I go.  Also, you can once again see the thought that went into the variety of cars showing.  If you’re not familiar with the tour, not just anyone can come show.  The Weksos staff hand pick out of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of applicants to ensure a great show.  For now, click past the break to see part 2 of the coverage.

Event: Wekfest East 2012, New Jersey V. 1 – Roll In


I had first played with the idea of coming to New Jersey for Wekfest East back in June during the LA show.  Towards the end of the show at the Queen Mary, I had been talking to Geoffrey and Kenneth a little bit about the turn out in comparison to the rest of the tour.  LA had a great turn out, a close second to the Fort Mason show in San Francisco, but the home show is hard to beat.  I had asked him about the general turn out and response to the rest of the stops, and they basically responded with an invitation to come see for myself.  I’m in a pretty unique position compared to most people as far as traveling goes, so the idea wasn’t too farfetched.  I’ve made it to the East coast and back in less than a day, so there was really no reason why I couldn’t make it work with a car show thrown in there somewhere.  I’m not really affected by jet lag or time zones anymore as I fly quite often.  In fact, I’m sitting in an airplane, writing this, right now on the way to Phoenix; on a non-car related trip unfortunately.  As the show date neared, I was able to rearrange some things in my work schedule, so I decided I would make the flight out to Newark.  The show was on a Sunday, so I elected to take a red eye on Saturday night to avoid an additional night in a hotel.  I would land Sunday morning around 5am and shoot straight over to the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison in time to catch the roll-in and setup of the show.  Leaving on Monday would give me a good night’s sleep and an opportunity to cruise into New York for a little bit; and by little bit I mean a good 35 minutes or so – I’ll get to that later though.  Click past the break for part 1 of my exploits in the East.

Event: Wekfest 2012 – Fort Mason, San Francisco v.5 – Final


It’s now been over a week since Wekfest SF and I’m still finding myself pouring over pictures from the event! I think I’ll just combine the few pictures I have left in this post to wrap up the coverage.  Typically people start losing interest in shows after the first couple days, but I gotta say, Wekfest traffic hasn’t slowed at all!  In fact, I’m still getting almost as many hits per day as when the first part of our coverage dropped.  That’s some bay area love right there.  Click past the break to see what everyone has been talking about.

Event: Wekfest 2012 – Fort Mason, San Francisco v.4 – Honda Time


As I wind down the Wekfest SF 2012 coverage, I was debating throwing everything I had into one final post.  As I was going through the shots though, I realized I had a little too many for one post.  So, in the sake of saving some time, I decided to split them up in to two posts.  I saw though, that the majority of what I had left were photos of Honda’s!  Which is actually pretty cool because now I have enough for a Honda specific post.  If you’re a fan, then this will be a must to check out.  There were so many nice Honda builds at the show and I hope I got to see most of them.  Click past the break for a good sample of what was there.

Close-Up: The Wheels of the Wek’


I thought it would be a cool idea to make a post from an entirely different perspective for once – or, one perspective only actually.  There were so many people at the event, that as I stanced myself down to photograph the wheels of cars, I’d always catch someones shoes in the background.  It’s a little funny if you think about it – a car’s wheels are kind of like it’s shoes.  I thought it was fitting (ha! fitting – get it?) to throw together a little post of some of the best shots that portrayed this.  Plus, I love how these shots come out with the 50mm prime, so I wanted to share anyway.  This just makes it a little more fun!  Click past the break to view the ‘shoes of the wek, starting with these yummy step-lipped Meisters!’

Event: Wekfest 2012 – Fort Mason, San Francisco v.2 – back story

So I had my first chance to look at my opening post on Wekfest SF, and it looks as if all the pics are grossly under-saturated. I think this might be a result of the monitor I processed them on. I was staying at my friends place in East Bay, so I took advantage of my time there to throw together that first post. I wanted to get the first post out because I wasn’t sure about how much time I’d have when I got back home.  In hindsight it looks like I should have held off! His monitor settings may have had the saturation and contrast way up, so I tried to compensate.  Oh well, it’s a little too late to change them now, but this next round of pics should look much crispier.  Anyway, like I said in the first post, this second round of coverage will be much less cookie cutter.  Shooting car shows can get a little boring – so if there’s no story, it’s just a photo dump.  I found my ‘lost’ CF card that had my shots around the city on it, including all the great places I ate at this weekend.  I’m no stranger to San Francisco; as I used to fly there every week for about a solid 6 months in a row.  This post will include some shots of the day before Wekfest.  My coverage will probably end up being around 4 or 5 posts worth – so there is still plenty more!  Click past the break to check out my view.