Tag: Wekfest SF 2012

Event: Wekfest 2012 – Fort Mason, San Francisco v.3


By now I’m sure there is extensive coverage of this show up on every forum, blog, and auto site across the entire internet – so let me first thank you for sticking with NDF.  There are a grip of sites out there to get content from, but I want you to know that, although new, NDF is here to stay.  From where we are now, we can only get better.  So I’ve gone through hundreds of photos and it looks like I still have two or three posts left for this show.  Most car shows I just breeze through because I end up seeing the same stuff over and over; but since I don’t go to shows in the Bay area that often (I don’t go to care shows that often anyway; although I may attend more than I think!), I really got to see a lot of different things not from So-Cal.  Enough with the talk, let’s get into some more coverage!  I got some interesting stuff in this post, so click past the break for part three of NDF goes to Wekfest SF.

Close-Up: Rising Suns Motorsports NSX


So I first saw this car at the Canibeat meet in Fremont on Friday night, and although I tried to snap some shots of it, they came out not great because there was absolutely no lighting in the lot.  I wasn’t too concerned though because I had a good feeling it was going to be showing at Wekfest.  This NSX belongs to Rothsen of Rising Suns Motorsports – and although I didn’t get to meet him, I know this because I’m really good at using the internet (:|)  Rising Suns is a car club out of Salinas, CA and has a few nicely built cars.  Click past the break to check out more of this one.