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Close-Up: HKS AP350SC-II Concept – a.k.a. Supercharged S2000


One for the Honda fans; HKS, among many other vehicles this year, brought out the same S2000 they had at SEMA 2011 here in the states.   Dubbed the AP350SC-II Concept, (derived from the chassis code, the amount of power it produces, and the main power adder) this S2000 is host to a whole lineup of newly developed HKS parts.  Namely, the  GTS7040 supercharger that’s attached to the F22.  Click past the break for a close-up of this beast.

Close-Up: J’s Racing S2000 Type-GT


Welcome to the most down S2000 ever built;  OK, one of them at least.  JDM Clips recently attended the J’s Racing Fair at Super Autobacs in Tokyo last week to get a closer glimpse at a couple of their machines.  In attendance was their GT-Type wide-bodied S2000 done up in a style only J’s can get away with.  Don’t be fooled though, this AP1 has more than just good looks and a tight body – click past the break to find out more.

Event: Eibach Open House 2011 v.3


I thought it might be appropriate to end my Eibach coverage with a poster shot of the Eibach built CR-Z.  One of only two at the show; the other being the Honda Tuning CR-Z that was parked next to the Chronicles booth.  You can see behind the car the giant line that had formed in the afternoon as soon as they started giving away free stuff…scavengers.  I’ve been at work everyday since the show, so I haven’t really had a chance to scope out what other people have been covering.  I know for a fact I didn’t get as much coverage as I wanted to, especially around back of the building.  Hopefully you enjoyed everything up until now.  Check out the last gallery past the break, and I’ll see you all again at the JDM Yo! Anniversary meet tomorrow.