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Feature: Phoenix Rising – The RWB 993 of Takayuki Matsumoto

It’s always enjoyable when we get to see a variety of car makes at race events across Japan.  And while it’s true that domestic built cars dominate the circuits of the island, every once in awhile we’re treated with some love from Europe.  Among them, it could be argued that none are more iconic than the cars from RWB.

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Event: Energy In Motion – Tsukuba Attack Championship 2020

The energy that the time attack community in Japan has for this motor sport is unmatched by any other country, and I can say this with the utmost confidence.  It’s a source of propulsion for the entire attack community and something that I feel has a positive impact not just in Japan, but throughout the world.

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Event: 26 Hours In Japan – Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 V.1

Let me preface this post by saying that the amount of travel to spend a single day in Japan is surprisingly achievable. It’s not like I would recommend it, there are definitely more efficient ways to go about it, but to say it wasn’t a fun experience wouldn’t be wholly true; at the very least it’s a conversation starter.

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Editorial: Turning Motor Sport Into Life

This time of year is best spent on reflection (because if not now, when right?).  So much is happening during the year, and we’re so busy just living, that we rarely take the time to pause and take stock of what’s been accomplished, remember what we’re working towards, or how we’re handling it all mentally.  So, when things start to slow down during this last week of December, I think as a society we traditionally use the time to reflect.

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Close-Up: Tohoku Supremacy – The Takumi Project ESCORT EVO 9

Last week, Escort founder and owner Hiroshi Shiobara invited me out to Sugo Sportsland the Saturday before the Attack event to get a closer look at the team’s rebuilt Evo and to get a closer look into their test program.  Not wanting to miss an opportunity to see their process in person, I would gladly make the drive to Sendai Saturday morning.

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Feature: Amir Bentatou – The RS Future K20 NSX

There is no doubt that the shear excitement of driving a purpose-built race car on the edge is enough for any driver to justify the money and work that gets put into building it.  Although, surprisingly there are very few people that understand the actual amount of work that goes into building a race car; Amir Bentatou is not one of those people.