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Feature: Northern Exposure – The GNR Racing EK9

The evolution of time attack builds in Japan is, for me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the sport.  The dedication of the teams and the drivers to improve performance each season typically results in a year over year change in the appearance of the cars.  Especially given the fact that most of the Attack competitors are ghosts on social media in comparison, it’s always a surprise to see what they unveil at the start of each season.

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Video: 80R Volume 2 Promo – ADMIX/Sunoco GTR32

Around the backside of Tsukuba on the ‘B’ Paddock area, I had the opportunity to photograph Shoichiro’s GTR32 for Volume 2 of 80R.  Shoichiro is a great guy whose car is as expressives as his actions.  Despite the fact that he runs a TC2000 lap in the mid-54 second range, him and his car were a must to feature in Volume 2 of 80R.  Click past the break for a preview of his Skyline build.

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Feature: Dogfight Japan Bodyworks GTR33

Masao has been hard at work over the past few months putting his skills to the test on his son’s project car.  The design that Tani had in mind for this GTR33 would take on a more subtle approach to body tuning than the work that Masao is typically used to being commissioned for.  A look that would pull focus to the cars original body lines while still retaining a very street-able appearance.  Reserved as a car to occasionally enjoy weekend drives and a general feel of car-life, the Skyline was purchased without the circuit in mind.  A purpose that is reflected in the final outcome of the build.

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Editorial: Celebrating Community – A Tribute to Kazuyuki Takahashi

Having always been a very task-oriented person, I often times find myself gravitating more towards the desire of completing a project or event as opposed to the act of simply participating in it.  It wasn’t until the past few years in my life that I was taught to be mindful of the present, or, ‘enjoy the ride’ so they say.  While the wording of that saying may come off as childish and a bit pedestrian, there is merit to being able to live in the moment.  I’ve learned that checking in with yourself existentially every once in awhile can be beneficial.

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Event: Attack Championship 2019 – Tsukuba Stage V.1

It takes a dedicated enthusiast to consider time attack a spectator sport; and trust me, I don’t say that lightly.  I’ve spent almost a good portion of my life promoting the sport, the last thing I want to do is discredit my own work.  That’s not my sole opinion though, it is simply a statement that is rooted in factuality.  Unlike other mediums in motor sport, time attack is more of an intrinsic, individual type of racing when compared to wheel to wheel events.  It’s something you’d rather be doing than watching.  At the top levels, the tracks are somewhat deserted in order to give the driver a clear shot in getting the fastest lap possible – having no traffic is essential.

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Video: Attack Tsukuba 2019 – Test Day Pit Walk

Friday morning a few other track hosts held open events for those entrants that wanted to do some testing the day before the Attack event on Saturday.  Many of the top tier teams took advantage of the time, as did the overseas competitors.  Since this day was a little more relaxed, I took some video around the paddock and pit.