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Video: Attack Tsukuba 2019 – Test Day Pit Walk

Friday morning a few other track hosts held open events for those entrants that wanted to do some testing the day before the Attack event on Saturday.  Many of the top tier teams took advantage of the time, as did the overseas competitors.  Since this day was a little more relaxed, I took some video around the paddock and pit.

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Video: 80R Volume 2 Promo – Endless FD3S

In my attempt to promote the next Volume of 80R, I’ve been doing my best to collect video from each dedicated photoshoot.  Unlike it’s precursor, Volume 2 will contain media that has not been published anywhere else.  The innagural issue was a great starting point, but if I have an opportunity to improve upon it, I am going to take it.  So, if I’m unable to immediatly share with you some of the content, I can at least provide an alternative; video was a great solution.

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Video: 80R Volume 2 Promo – Tomiyoshi Racing NSX

Just before the last weekend of January I flew out to Kyushu to attend the Autopolis Super Lap event.  Having never visited this particular course, I was lowkey very excited for this weekend.  Unfortunately, the gods were at odds that day, and it was no sooner than I had touched down at Kumamoto airport that I received a message from Shimada-san of Kyush Danji that the event was cancelling because the entire circuit was blanketed in snow.