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Video: 80R Volume 2 Promo – Endless FD3S

In my attempt to promote the next Volume of 80R, I’ve been doing my best to collect video from each dedicated photoshoot.  Unlike it’s precursor, Volume 2 will contain media that has not been published anywhere else.  The innagural issue was a great starting point, but if I have an opportunity to improve upon it, I am going to take it.  So, if I’m unable to immediatly share with you some of the content, I can at least provide an alternative; video was a great solution.

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Close-Up: Atsushi Shimaya’s Endless FD3S

Out of the thousands of cars at TAS, it’s always exciting to see, in person, a car you’ve followed online for years.  Every once in awhile a build will snowball into something so involved that it makes you wonder if the end result was ever really envisioned.  A perfect example of this is Atsushi Shimaya’s FD3S.