NDF Podcast

NDF Exchange hotline: 318-215-6787
Join Sean and Kristian in the Unit B studio for an unscripted Podcast where we talk about the intricacies of life, answer calls from the hotline, and host one on one interviews that aim to discover the true personality of the people behind the industry of motor sport both in the US and Japan.
ユニットBスタジオのショーンとクリスチャンと一緒に、脚本のないポッドキャストに参加して、人生の複雑さについて話し、ホットラインからの電話に答え、モータースポーツ業界の背後にいる人々の真の個性を発見することを目的とした11のインタビューを開催します アメリカと日本の両方で。

Tom Nook And The Economy – April 17, 2020
Kristian and I go over questions and comments related to adjusting to ‘the new norm’ and we talk to Duane about how business has changed for him and his customers. This cast was recorded almost 4 weeks ago and is prefaced by a current intro regarding our discussion.
General Tso’s Coffee Grinder – March 26, 2020
Socially distanced inside the Unit B office, Christopher Wong and I discuss the financial savings of grocery shopping, why conical burr coffee grinders are essential to a good cup of coffee, and answer some listener questions.  Doing our best to take your minds off the world’s current prevalent situation.
Two Very Big Words – March 19, 2020
The day is March 19th, and at Midnight Pacific Standard Time, California will be on lock-down in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19; a respiratory virus that originated in China and has spread to almost every country in the world. Amongst the panic, we assemble in Unit B to talk about…Civics.  We try to not make the current events the main topic of conversation, but ultimately give in towards the end, because really, how can we not talk about it?  
SpicY Vinaregret – October 21, 2019
Kristian and I sit down again in unit b to go over some question submissions from the hotline and instagram.  join us as we discuss in detail what it’s like balancing the work in our lives, our take on understanding and respecting others passion in relationships, and a dozen other topics.  Also if anyone can figure out why i’m itching so bad i’ll send you a t-shirt.
Recorded in the living room of a vineyard chateau on the Baja Peninsula, episode 21 of NDFX features personality powerhouses Justin Yoo, Kristian Wong, and Duane Bada.  Join us as we discuss your answers to the question, ‘What motivates you?’ and come to the realization that we don’t actually know ourselves.  As a bonus, get a lesson on time management as I ramble on about how managing your time is actually worthless.
Flying Lizards In Japan – August 13, 2019
On Episode 20 of NDFX, we get introspective on the things we should be grateful for,  talk about what you like and dislike about Japan, write anime sub-plots, look to the future of Unit B and learn the origins of the dicey namesake of the racing team ‘Flying Lizard’.
LIFE AND NEW GIRL – July 31, 2019
Kristian and I are back in Unit B answering questions you sent in last week.  Join us as we get deep into life and what drives our decision making, talk about some crazy road trips, the difference between time attack and wheel to wheel, and do a poor job of quoting the sitcom ‘New Girl’.
Willem Drees – July 16, 2019
FF record holder, Japanese fashion sensation, and creative powerhouse Will Drees stops by Unit B for a chat.  Join us as we discuss the importance of family history, balancing obsessions, car building, and what it’s like having Jeff Porcaro  as a guardian angel.  Check out more of his builds here.
SLEEPY DUANE – Q&A feat. DUANE BADA – june 26, 2019
Kristian and I are joined by R Compound owner, Daune Bada, in a late night/early morning cast where we discuss priorities in life, addressing your 21 year old self, and trying to get Duane to talk into the microphone.  Enjoy the Bossa Nova.
Special episode – Q&A feat. kristian and Karl osaki – june 10, 2019
Another show hosted around Instagram’s Q&A feature with special guests Kristian Wong and Karl Osaki.  Join us as we answer your questions in a completely off-topic fashion, and announce some big news for the podcast.  Enjoy the new, classy, Bossa Nova intro song while you call into the new hotline at 318-215-6787
philip Robles – march 9, 2019
Listen in during the live podcast event during VTEC Club’s 2019 season opener at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway featuring our very special guest, Philip Robles.  Phil made the drive from his home in Tempe to talk to us about his experiences growing up in multiple countries, the importance of relationships, and his career in the Air Force and how it continues to influence his car building.
Kemritte Seang – august 8, 2018
Kemritte Seang is a close friend and shop mate of mine.  He’s worked his way through many cars and after years of cycling through cars, he’s finally come to be satisfied with a build.  Join us as we discuss his upbringing and his journey to becoming an automotive enthusiast. 
Special episode – Q&A feat. kristian and justin – july 14, 2018
Instagram’s Q&A feature was a big hit last week, so we decided to host a Podcast dedicated to the questions asked from the NDF Instagram page.  Special guests Kristian Wong and Justin Yoo of Team NDF join us for some in-depth answers to your questions.
Grant hosking/tom bullock – honed developments – march 29, 2018
The two Melbourne based automotive engineers behind Honed Developments join us on The Exchange to discuss the suspension characteristics of 90’s Hondas, their personal builds, 1000km road trips to Sydney, and how they are using their company to help enthusiasts get the most out of their cars.
DUANE BADA – October 13, 2017
The first Podcast since our return features guest Duane Bada.  Listen along as he talks about growing up in the Philippines, his move to Los Angeles, the work that goes into facilitating VTEC Club, the power of community, and how he ended up with his own tire shop here in Southern California. 
I guess you could call it a comeback – October 11, 2017
Well, well, well.  Here we are again some 2 years later.  Not a week has gone by since our last cast that we haven’t had requests to bring it back.  I’m traveling a lot less now and have found a way to fit these back into the schedule.  Looking forward to chatting again!  Stay tuned for more to come.  The Narita Exchange is back.
Benson and Nadine Hsu – November 10, 2015
We’re back!  Learn a little about the origins of drifting in the US and Southern California area with Benson and Nadine Hsu.  We discuss what drifting was like nearly 20 years ago, how the industry in the US differs, and changes in the sport over the past two decades.
Yasutaka shimomukai – July 14, 2015
We catch Yasutaka in the middle of his trip to America to ask him a few questions about his life.  Translated by Yuta, Yasu and I discuss the similarities and differences between life in Osaka and California, his future after departing Tactical Art, as well as how we still don’t fully understand the full spectrum of what ‘Kanjo’ really is.  Come along with us on the first Japanese interview on the cast.
Joey Lee – June 24, 2015
They say travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer; I’d say between Joey and I we’re pretty rich.  Listen in as we discuss where Joey’s travels have taken him in the past few months, where he got the idea to begin The Chronicles, and the benefits of working in a family owned Chinese restaurant as a kid.
Hey Yuta! Instagram Q&A – June 22, 2015
Join Yuta and I over a glass of Choya Umeshu on an impromptu question and answer session.  We answer questions your asked on Instagram as best and as comedic as we can.  Long standing fans will know that this is the next reiteration of the somewhat failed ‘Hey Yuta’ series.
Park Baker – May 27, 2015
Listen to the radio waves flow across the Pacific as we take Episode 6 to Tokyo.  The man behind High Top Fade, Park Baker, let’s us in on why he ended up living in Japan, where his love for Kyusha styling stems from, the build of his Honda Life and what his fascination with Showa Era culture is all about.
Justin Yoo – May 15, 2015
Hang out with NDF Team driver Justin and I this evening while we discuss Justin’s future in driving, his run-ins with the police, how he compares himself to his peers, and share a laugh as he takes a stab at the relationships in my personal life.
Amir Bentatou – April 25, 2015
Come join Amir and I for a Sunday morning cup of coffee as we compare the US Time Attack culture to that of Japan’s.  Get an update on Amir’s current venture in the US competition and his plans for attacking Japan in the third installment of The Narita Exchange.
Kristian Wong – April 15, 2015
Listen in on our chat with SP Engineering’s lead tuner Kristian Wong as he recollects his past in Hong Kong, Lone Pine, moving about Southern California, and about how cars have effected his life.
Yuta Akaishi – April 9, 2015
Join Yuta and I on the first installment of The Narita Exchange as we discuss growing up in both Japan and California, how life for Yuta has centered around cars since 14, and how his upbringing is linked to the goals he has today.