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Event: Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 v.3


I hope you guys are still with me on this coverage!  I know it’s taking awhile, but I’m busy with work.  I’ll begin this post with a few shots of this slammed R33 clad in an anime livery.  To my surprise, there were a lot of ‘Itasha’ styled cars at the Salon.  For those who are unaware of this movement, Itasha is a term used to describe the otaku fad of modifying cars in an anime or manga theme; mainly with giant decals on the exterior.  I’ve already admitted to my liking it for reasons unknown to me.  It’s become quite popular in Japan recently, and there are regularly held meets throughout Tokyo.  This particular Skyline was wrapped in 萌えコレ!(Moe Colle) vinyl.  三栄書房 (San-Ei Shobo) is a huge Japanese magazine publisher.  If you’re a fan of this car, check out the wallpaper section.  Click past the break for more.

Event: Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 v.1


Tokyo Auto Salon is a sort of misleading name for this event.  If we could modify the title to something like, ‘Tokyo Model Salon’, it would read more accurate.  Seriously, you couldn’t get a mile away from any car if there was a model in front of it.  As soon as a girl appeared, a mob of hormonally charged Japanese men would crowd so close that I couldn’t get anywhere near the booth to shoot the car.  Because of this, my coverage isn’t as organized as I would have wanted, but I’ll try my best to post in the directions in which I walked.  OK, with all that out of the way, I will say that this show was nothing short of epic.  It was my third time attending but my first time shooting for the website, and I gotta say it’s a lot more stressful trying to take it all in – again though, I wasn’t disappointed in the turnout.  Sure, there were 30 billion people there, but it just added to the atmosphere.  In the posts to follow I’ll do my best to cover not just cars, but booth and product displays as well.  Click past the break for more.