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Interview: Finding Balance – APG Performance Brakes

It wouldn’t be a stretch to consider the aftermarket braking industry a niche market.  Having so many unique barriers to entry, high cost products, and a somewhat limited consumer base, all make newcomers a very rare sight.  So, for a long time now we’ve seen these products manufactured by the same companies year after year.  As time passes though, and the availability of racing becomes more prominent, consumers began demanding a new type of product; price conscious brake kits that don’t sacrifice quality.  In other words, a product that strikes a balance between cost and performance – in steps APG Performance.

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Product Spotlight: APG Performance Brake Install

This past weekend I was able to knock out a lot of work on the car.  For whatever reason I had this idea in my head that the rest of the build would be smooth sailing after the new motor setup got tuned; boy was I wrong.  Getting the motor running properly was a huge milestone, but it far from marked the completion of the build.  There is still much to do, and among them was to replace the overweight front calipers with a reliable, lightweight alternative – APG Performance answered that call.