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Event: Slammed Society x Fatlace Car Show – Long Beach v.1


Like I had said in my previous post, I hadn’t planned on going to Formula D, and I really didn’t plan on inquiring about a media pass (although from the looks of it I probably should have!).  So, to say I was lucky I got in would be an understatement.  I didn’t get many great shots of the actual tandem runs because the track was pretty well fenced off and the parts that you could have possibly shot through had huge banners covering it.  That, and my zoom lens is a piece of shit.  Seriously, worst lens ever.  I don’t even know why I bother lugging it around.  It’s OK though because I have another new prime on the way – a must for the Super GT & Taikyu races I’ll be shooting soon.  Anyway, there was some serious down-time in between rounds so I had some good opportunities to snap the show that was going on in the parking lot.  Every year Slammed Society and Fatlace put on a car show concurrent with the Formula D event.  I never really bothered with it all the other times I went to Formula D here, but since there was nothing else to do I decided to check it out.  There was the usual mix of awesome and not so awesome cars.  I did get a chance to meet up with a few people, and make friends with some new faces which was great.  Take a closer look at the show past the break.

Encounter: Car Sense built Camber Demon Crown Police Interceptor!


Want to see something crazy?  Here you go.  Something crazy.  Car Sense brought it out like K-Break did in 2011 with this nuts Toyota Crown Police Interceptor Camber Mega Demon.  If you’re not familiar with some iconic Car Sense builds, click this link to check out their famous Aristo build; or better yet, enter the NDF Option contest to win a magazine that could possibly have pictures of it.  If you’re in a lazy mood though, I suppose you could just click past the break for more pics.  Be sure to check out JDM Clips for video footage of Tokyo Auto Salon 2012.  Enjoy!