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Event: The Chronicles Year 7

This past Saturday, Joey from The Chronicles held his annual meet at the Eibach Facility in Corona, CA. 2015 marked the 7th year of the website, and hundreds of people came out to show their appreciation for Joey’s work. I was headed up North that weekend, but came to Corona a bit early to say hi to everyone before I left. A lot of friends from Japan attend as they are in town for SEMA which is going on this week. I was able to get some coverage before I left around 1.

Event: Eibach Open House 2011 v.3


I thought it might be appropriate to end my Eibach coverage with a poster shot of the Eibach built CR-Z.  One of only two at the show; the other being the Honda Tuning CR-Z that was parked next to the Chronicles booth.  You can see behind the car the giant line that had formed in the afternoon as soon as they started giving away free stuff…scavengers.  I’ve been at work everyday since the show, so I haven’t really had a chance to scope out what other people have been covering.  I know for a fact I didn’t get as much coverage as I wanted to, especially around back of the building.  Hopefully you enjoyed everything up until now.  Check out the last gallery past the break, and I’ll see you all again at the JDM Yo! Anniversary meet tomorrow.

Feature: Johnny’s 559 EK


Elementary.  The basics.  Simplicity.  Classicality.  Yes, that last one is actually a word.  All these words can sum up the look of Johnny’s fresh hatchback.  It’s almost more about the things he chose not to do, then what he did do that makes this EK so clean.  It’s a nice change from the over adorned, gaudy looking masses that make up the majority of modified cars these days.  Johnny lives in my hometown, and we met through theJDM awhile ago.  This is his second build and I’ve been wanting to shoot it for some time now, so I caught up with him at Eibach.  It’s tough to get creative shots at a car show, so consider this a preview to a more worthy future write-up.  Enjoy the pics past the break.

Event: Eibach Open House 2011 v.2


OK, on to round two of the Eibach Open House coverage.  Hope you’re liking the content so far – the sites traffic always shoots up dramatically when I post event photos.  Now that I’ve browsed through the shots I took and can truly say I am floored by some of these builds; like Mike G’s internet famous EG.  I’ve known Mike for a few years now on theJDM and NWP but he always seemed to elude me at shows.  I’m glad I finally got to meet up with him.  Cars aside, these shows are a great chance to meet the people behind the scenes; those who constantly push the industry to new heights.  There has been a ton of coverage popping up on forums now that it’s been a few days, and I thank you guys for visiting NDF.  Check out The Chronicles for Joe’s coverage of the show from his point of view.  He’s got a great knack for free writing, and his posts are always interesting.  Enjoy the second gallery past the break!

Event: Eibach Open House 2011 v.1


For 7 years now Eibach Springs, with the help of some dedicated people, have been hosting the largest Honda/Acura meet in the country at the company headquarters in Corona, CA.  Each year I attend, and each year I am blown away at the quality of some of the builds, as well as the sheer amount of people in attendance.  Despite the rain in the morning, thousands of Hondas stormed the gate and filled the side streets even before the show officially began.  If you’ve been before though, it’s to be expected.  I tried to get the best coverage possible, but with this many cars it’s pretty tough.  Click past the break to enjoy the new gallery feature of NDF.