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This past week a couple good friends from Japan came to Los Angeles to visit; two of them for the first time ever.  Among them was my dear friend Takashi Sekinei, someone who’s helped me countless times during my time in Japan.  We were all pretty excited to finally introduce them to everyone here in Southern California, especially since most of the guys from the shop have talked to Sekinei one way or another online.  Jay and I put together a little pot luck at our shop and invited a couple people over for a low-key Sunday evening.  After cooking I snapped a couple pictures I thought I’d share.

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Garage Life: Rainy Day Blues

The sudden change in Southern California’s weather this weekend caused quite the stir.  Above all though, it allowed me to find out that my race car leaks like a bullet wound in the rain.  Packed up and ready to hit Willow Springs for the Twilight VTEC Club event, I had little idea that both my car would slowly turn into a water reservoir on the drive there, and that the track was going to be closed due to flash floods.  Even right after leaving the shop their was a profuse amount of water leaking in through the door, from the rear window, and from the floorboard (low key plug, all the Dogfight LCP parts did not leak).

Garage Life: An Evening In Riverside


Yesterday evening we decided to make the drive out to Riverside to visit Franklin.  His car’s been down for awhile and he hasn’t been able to come down our way for awhile.  I had been driving a lot this past week, and didn’t really feel like tacking on a drive all the way out to Riverside, so I got a ride with Allan and we both met Yuta over there.  It’s been quite awhile since I did a Garage Life post, so I brought along my camera stuff to get a few shots – nothing fancy though.  Not sure why, but I don’t really take pictures of what I do outside of events and stuff, but these types of post get good attention; so you can expect more day to day lifestyle type posts like this in the future.  Anyway, click past the break for a few more shots.