Garage Life: Relaxing at Type-One


I’ve been so busy attending events here in the US, as well as being in track events myself, that I still have quite a bit of material to post up from my previous time in Japan.  I think for the next week or two I’ll be taking a break from going out shooting, and focus on posting more past Japan content.  I am however, going to do my best to try and get over to New Jersey for the next stop on the Wekfest tour.  Wekfest is one show I really enjoy, and if the stats are correct, you guys really enjoy it too.

I took this shot when my friend and I made an impromptu stop at Type One in Ogikubo.  I’m a huge Honda fan, so it’s pretty much a staple for me to visit every time I go to Japan.  Plus you never really know what you’re going to see there.  The customer cars are super cool most of the time.  Stay tuned for a few more shots from Spoon and thanks for visiting!


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