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Event: Drift Exhibition at Tsukuba Circuit


I drove back to my hometown this weekend to attend my friend’s wedding.  I was looking forward to relaxing at home for a day or so and getting some work done on the website.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.  It seems like whenever I go home, I’m pulled in 100 different directions; and there’s never enough time.  Needless to say, NDF was M.I.A for the past couple days.  Before I turn in for the night I thought I’d throw this post together real quick.  During the Hot Version N2 Race at Tsukuba Circuit, the guys over at Drift Muscle, as well as some D1SL contenders, put together a little drifting exhibition.  Check it out past the break – and catch video at JDM Clips.

Event: Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 v.2


After an hour or so I seemed to get my bearings around the gigantic convention center, and realized the scope of what laid ahead of me.  To cover a show of this magnitude on my own would take some serious moving around; so I did just that.  Keeping an eye out for certain booths I really wanted to see, I set out on a mission to cover as much as the show as I could.  I found out that the two other halls held more of the stuff I was looking for.  The next two posts will contain some spectacular builds from the tuners we all know and love.  Check it out past the break.