Tag: R34 GTR

Encounter: D2 X Pro Shop SCREEN R34GTR


D2 Japan, all knowing brake and suspension producers, brought out their joint built R34 rocking their massive 8-pot caliper kit up front, and 6-pot rears.  The front calipers barely clear the 19″ TE-37 SL’s!  With engine works handled by Pro Shop SCREEN, this R34GTR is one serious car.  With the R35’s new dominance in the Skyline tuning market, it’s awesome to see tuners still concentrating on older models.  Let’s click the break and check out more of this 34, compliments of the magic from JDM Clips.


Encounter: Omori Factory Clubman Spec R34


Nismo; the name itself inspires thoughts of Nissan specific performance builds.  The list of performance related OEM divisions is long, but none are quite as powerful as the relationship between Nismo and Nissan.  With that said, the name Omori often goes unnoticed.  Omori is where Nismo is headquarted…well, was anyway; I believe it is moving to Yokohama.  Regardless, Omori Factory has been the birth-site of many NISMO creations.  Including the elusive Clubman Spec R34 you see here.  Click past the break to see more of the elusiveness…