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Feature: KoyoRad/D-MAX S15


Sure, we all know Naoki’s purple/pink S13 coupe, but some aren’t as familiar with the S15 he was to drive in D1.  This purpose built drift machine was fully race spec, and just as crazy looking as the older coupe.  I wonder if he will be driving it in the new series,‘The Drift Muscle’?  Check out the pics.

Feature: Nakamura’s S13


I like Team Burst.  You probably like them too.  I’d even venture to say that out of all the organized drift ‘teams’ in Japan, that Team Burst is the most recognized.  This is largely due in part to Naoki Nakamura’s drift skill and media attention; whether it’s wanted or not.  I’m sure that you’ve heard by now all the recent news that has surrounded Naoki, but if you haven’t click here, and then here.  With that in mind, I thought it would be cool to do a little spotlight on the cars he drives in regularly, and for D1SL.  I shot these on the last day of TAS, and you can see that the D1 banners have been removed already.  Click past the break for the gallery.