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Video: Up Garage CM

. The Japanese have marketing tactics that few people understand; maybe because products and trends move much faster than they do here in the States.  Case in point – the CM you see above.  I […]

Locale: UP Garage Aobodai – Wheels Highlight


It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of UP Garage – if you’re a fan of JDM motoring, how couldn’t you be?  I’ve been to several locations, and while you may not always find something that catches your eye, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find a nice set of wheels.  The new headquarters in Aobodai isn’t a wheel specific location, nevertheless I was surprised to see so many wheels and tires on site.  Check out a few past the break.

One Shot: Model Madness

. Thought I’d post this for a few laughs.  Definitive proof that there were people there for reasons other than cars.  Not one person is looking at the 86 in this shot.  The UP Garage […]

Locale: UP Garage – Machida



If you’re a Japanese car enthusiast, there is one thing you know you’ve always dreamed of doing once in Japan; and that is to visit as many tuner shops and stores as possible.  I’m no different.  I’ve wanted to visit an Up Garage for some time now, and a few months ago I finally got my chance.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an affliction towards used parts.  Maybe it’s the history that comes along with them; or maybe it’s because I’m fiscally responsible (read: cheap).  There’s no better place to go bargain hunting for JDM car part goodness than at an Up Garage.