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Encounter: Advan Toyota FT-86

One of the cool things about going to a race event in Japan, is all the other things that come along with it. Good food, merchandise and car part vendors, free goodies, concerts, and the paddock and pit areas. Super GT had it all and then some. In the vendor area of Fuji Speedway, Yokohama had a fairly large booth set up with a couple display cars. One of the cars was this red FT-86 sitting on a matte black set of Advan RG-D’s. I thought it was a really clean example of what the FT-86 can look like with the simplest of modifications. Click past the break for a full shot.

Close-Up: The Wheels of the Wek’


I thought it would be a cool idea to make a post from an entirely different perspective for once – or, one perspective only actually.  There were so many people at the event, that as I stanced myself down to photograph the wheels of cars, I’d always catch someones shoes in the background.  It’s a little funny if you think about it – a car’s wheels are kind of like it’s shoes.  I thought it was fitting (ha! fitting – get it?) to throw together a little post of some of the best shots that portrayed this.  Plus, I love how these shots come out with the 50mm prime, so I wanted to share anyway.  This just makes it a little more fun!  Click past the break to view the ‘shoes of the wek, starting with these yummy step-lipped Meisters!’

Locale: UP Garage Aobodai – Wheels Highlight


It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of UP Garage – if you’re a fan of JDM motoring, how couldn’t you be?  I’ve been to several locations, and while you may not always find something that catches your eye, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find a nice set of wheels.  The new headquarters in Aobodai isn’t a wheel specific location, nevertheless I was surprised to see so many wheels and tires on site.  Check out a few past the break.