NDF Build: NDF TA Civic Rebuild V.2

Last night I made the trip back to Riverside to resume work on the Civic build.  Although I was only going to be able to work on it for a few hours, I have to take every opportunity I can.  As you may know, I travel a lot for work and March is no exception.  I’ll be missing a lot of time for pretty much the first half of the month and I wanted to take care of the wiring before I head out.

Wiring is touch and go with me, and when it comes to the chassis harness components and ignition wiring I’m not the most confident about tracing and cutting out the unnecessary.  So I asked my good friend Kristian for assistance, and we ended up heading out there together, along with a couple other characters…

This post isn’t the most exciting, so I filled it with a bunch of good lookin’ dudes so it looks like I actually made progress on the car.


This is Kristian.  By day he builds and tunes 1,000 horsepower GTRs at SP Engineering.  By night, he helps me remove wires from my Civic; which is basically like the same thing.


Why not just leave the harnesses and wires that I’m not using anymore in the car?  Well, I’m glad you asked (or that I staged the question for you).  It’s simple; wires are unnecessary weight!  Remember ‘grams make ounces, ounces make pounds’?  We removed a good 7-10 pounds of material out.  That’s 7-10 pounds that I don’t have to carry around track.


Not too mention it makes things much cleaner both under the dash and throughout the cabin.   It also gives Bardabe more room at the firewall to work around while making the cage.


Speaking of which, while we were taking care of the wiring mess, he was measuring and bending the A-pillar bars.


The Civic dash is an enigma.  That’s all I have to say.  I feel sorry if you ever have to remove one or work around one.

In order to get the passenger side A-pillar bar to sit as flush as possible with the pillar, we had to cut off this strange bracket that holds a portion of the dash frame to the car.  The driver’s side doesn’t have it, as that side is mounted differently.


This guy showed up sometime during the night.  No one knew who he was but he was really good looking so we allowed him to stay.


Dilly came along to help out and hang out as well.


Yuta and Kristian sharing a workspace…and a razor blade.

I’m really reaching now…


This is one of the cleaned up sections that Yuta took care of.  These wires go to the rear of the car for the taillights, fuel pump, and what not…actually I think that’s it now.  Actually maybe a few of those could be seatbelt sensors; those will get removed eventually as I have no seatbelts anymore.  This is the same group of wires that used to contain all the power to the doors for the mirrors, windows, locks, etc.  Since I will be using fiberglass doors I won’t be using any of that.


It was about at this time when all 6 of us we’re violently assaulted by a pod of Jerusalem Crickets that, as far as I’m concerned, had been lying in wait for us the entire night.  If it wasn’t for Amir’s keen eye we would have surely been eaten alive that very night like a Yerk in Animorphs.

It was actually just one and it was on the back wheel of the Civic.  Yuta and Amir burnt it, along with my rear quarter panel, with a butane torch and WD-40.  I don’t have pictures because it was gross and I hate bugs.

Anyway, after we had somewhat cleaned everything up, we left Bardabe to fend off the remaining Potato Bugs and went back to Kristian’s house in Walnut to watch the movie ‘Pitch Perfect’.  It was an OK movie, but I’m not sure it was worth staying up until 3am to watch.  I mean, it had it’s moments, but I don’t see it winning any awards.  Especially because it didn’t win any.


  1. This was great.

  2. Last place I ever expected an Animorphs reference.

  3. you still gonna daily this?!?!

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