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Event: Super GT Display – Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 V.2

With the Super GT Championships kicking off each year around April, Tokyo Auto Salon is scheduled at the perfect time off-season for competitors to showcase their 2019 season winning cars, as well as their new 2020 builds.  One of the main reasons I attended the Salon this year was to get a closer look.

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Event: 26 Hours In Japan – Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 V.1

Let me preface this post by saying that the amount of travel to spend a single day in Japan is surprisingly achievable. It’s not like I would recommend it, there are definitely more efficient ways to go about it, but to say it wasn’t a fun experience wouldn’t be wholly true; at the very least it’s a conversation starter.

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Site News: 19/20 Frontrunners Outerwear Release

Last month, we opened the store with part one of our two part Frontrunner 19/20 release.  The idea was to shortly follow it with the new outerwear for this Winter, but due to some logistical issue we had to postpone it to the first week of January.  Fortunately everything came together and we were able to open the store as scheduled today.

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Editorial: Turning Motor Sport Into Life

This time of year is best spent on reflection (because if not now, when right?).  So much is happening during the year, and we’re so busy just living, that we rarely take the time to pause and take stock of what’s been accomplished, remember what we’re working towards, or how we’re handling it all mentally.  So, when things start to slow down during this last week of December, I think as a society we traditionally use the time to reflect.

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Event: Beyond The Emotion – Attack Sugo 2019

On the last weekend of October, Sugo Sportsland played host to the 2019 Attack event, officially kicking off time attack season in Japan.  The event, which typically has a smaller turnout due to location, was paired with the Goodluck Challenge; a local motor sport event at Sugo.

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Video: Attack Sugo 2019 – Paddock And Pit Walk

A walk through the paddock at Sugo Sportsland during the recent Attack event. Sugo usually hosts a smaller group of drivers due to it’s distance from Tokyo, but the ones that do attend are very serious. Check out our behind the scenes video of the action…and the downtime.

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Gallery: Tajima Build Update – The N-One Racing 380RS

Every so often I like to check in on cars and drivers that we’ve spotlighted in the past to see how the development of their build is going.  Earlier this year I had the opportunity to talk to Tajima Hirotsugu about his Nismo 380RS, but that was months ago and he’s been busy over the off-season.

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Close-Up: Tohoku Supremacy – The Takumi Project ESCORT EVO 9

Last week, Escort founder and owner Hiroshi Shiobara invited me out to Sugo Sportsland the Saturday before the Attack event to get a closer look at the team’s rebuilt Evo and to get a closer look into their test program.  Not wanting to miss an opportunity to see their process in person, I would gladly make the drive to Sendai Saturday morning.

The Narita Exchange: Episode 21 – Motivation In Mexico

Motivation In Mexico – SEPTEMBER 17, 2019 Recorded in the living room of a vineyard chateau on the Baja Peninsula, episode 21 of NDFX features personality powerhouses Justin Yoo, Kristian Wong, and Duane Bada.  Join […]

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Feature: The Temple of Buddha – Golden Bathurst R-3 FD3S

This 1995 Mazda RX-7, owned by someone choosing only to be referred to as ‘The Temple of Buddha’ (or something like that I don’t actually know), is so far off the grid that I normally operate on that when I saw it at Fuji the other week, I had to take a closer look.

The Narita Exchange: Q&A Featuring Kristian and Karl – June 10, 2019

Special episode – Q&A feat. kristian and Karl osaki – june 10, 2019 Another show hosted around Instagram’s Q&A feature with special guests Kristian Wong and Karl Osaki.  Join us as we answer your questions […]

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Feature: Garage G-Force – The Evolution of the Yamazaki IX

A prominent influence in the Mitsubishi tuning domain, Garage G-Force has spent the last decade fighting to solidify a name for themselves as the number-one Evolution tuning company in Japan.  That fight, however, hasn’t been easy.

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Feature: Military Standard – Philip Robles Time Attack EG6

Without a doubt, Philip Robles has become a household name in the time attack scene around the Southwestern US. Having competed in a wide variety of sanctioned events throughout Arizona and California over the past several years, he has solidified his place among motor sport’s most dedicated drivers.

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Feature: Hiroshi Shimada – Southern Style CT9A

In the heart of Winter this year, I made the trek down to Kyushu to attend Autopolis Superlap.  Unbeknownst to me (because it happened when I was in-flight from Tokyo to Kumamoto) the event had been cancelled due to excessive snowfall in the area.  For the past week, the likelihood of the event taking place was always brought into question.

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Feature: Advancing Passion – Takanori Seyama’s GTR32

Takanori Seyama has never been one to turn away from a challenge; choosing to define himself by his hard work and willingness to sail through uncharted waters on his own.  His hard work has proven itself in the fabrication of his GTR32, which has crowned itself among the fastest Skyline’s in Japan.

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Feature: The Global Offensive – JDM Yard At TC2000

As per the norm, Tsukuba Circuit was rented out by various hosts the day before the main event of Attack Tsukuba, allowing for the Attack competitors a chance to test and tune car settings.  In this case, Sato-san from Unlimited Works hosted the first half of the day, and Takeo Fukazumi from Zummy Racing Family took on the afternoon.

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Encounter: Young Blood – The Boost Up FD3S

Every once in awhile a car comes around that emanates a youthful disposition throughout the paddock.  A somewhat adolescent, not yet fully refined look alludes to the driver being in more of an exploratory phase of driving; a stark contrast to those that have been driving for decades.

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Feature: Northern Exposure – The GNR Racing EK9

The evolution of time attack builds in Japan is, for me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the sport.  The dedication of the teams and the drivers to improve performance each season typically results in a year over year change in the appearance of the cars.  Especially given the fact that most of the Attack competitors are ghosts on social media in comparison, it’s always a surprise to see what they unveil at the start of each season.

The Narita Exchange: Philip Robles Live At Chuckwalla – March 9, 2019

Listen in during the live podcast event during VTEC Club’s 2019 season opener at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway featuring our very special guest, Philip Robles.  Phil made the drive from his home in Tempe to talk […]

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Video: 80R Volume 2 Promo – ADMIX/Sunoco GTR32

Around the backside of Tsukuba on the ‘B’ Paddock area, I had the opportunity to photograph Shoichiro’s GTR32 for Volume 2 of 80R.  Shoichiro is a great guy whose car is as expressives as his actions.  Despite the fact that he runs a TC2000 lap in the mid-54 second range, him and his car were a must to feature in Volume 2 of 80R.  Click past the break for a preview of his Skyline build.

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Feature: Dogfight Japan Bodyworks GTR33

Masao has been hard at work over the past few months putting his skills to the test on his son’s project car.  The design that Tani had in mind for this GTR33 would take on a more subtle approach to body tuning than the work that Masao is typically used to being commissioned for.  A look that would pull focus to the cars original body lines while still retaining a very street-able appearance.  Reserved as a car to occasionally enjoy weekend drives and a general feel of car-life, the Skyline was purchased without the circuit in mind.  A purpose that is reflected in the final outcome of the build.

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Editorial: Celebrating Community – A Tribute to Kazuyuki Takahashi

Having always been a very task-oriented person, I often times find myself gravitating more towards the desire of completing a project or event as opposed to the act of simply participating in it.  It wasn’t until the past few years in my life that I was taught to be mindful of the present, or, ‘enjoy the ride’ so they say.  While the wording of that saying may come off as childish and a bit pedestrian, there is merit to being able to live in the moment.  I’ve learned that checking in with yourself existentially every once in awhile can be beneficial.

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Event: Attack Championship 2019 – Tsukuba Stage V.1

It takes a dedicated enthusiast to consider time attack a spectator sport; and trust me, I don’t say that lightly.  I’ve spent almost a good portion of my life promoting the sport, the last thing I want to do is discredit my own work.  That’s not my sole opinion though, it is simply a statement that is rooted in factuality.  Unlike other mediums in motor sport, time attack is more of an intrinsic, individual type of racing when compared to wheel to wheel events.  It’s something you’d rather be doing than watching.  At the top levels, the tracks are somewhat deserted in order to give the driver a clear shot in getting the fastest lap possible – having no traffic is essential.