Shop News: Dogfight Japan Bodyworks – GT Carbon End Plates

A few months ago we introduced the idea of producing a line of carbon goods under NDF Japan Bodyworks that would help expand our current carbon line of goods.

We petitioned suggestions from our audience on parts that you would like to see more variety of in the universal market; and we received hundreds of responses.  Preceding the results of our questionnaire, I had flown to Japan to discuss design and production capabilities with our partner and good friend, Masao.  Since then, we’ve been working on a few different carbon items, the first of which are now available for pre-order in the site store.  Our new carbon GT-Wing End Plates provide original style to a rather unoriginal area of exterior tuning.

Hand designed by one of Japan’s most skilled and influential body works producers; Masao Otani, both Type 1 and Type 2 end plates will be available to pre-order in both 2×2 plain weave as well as a larger, spread tow weave.  Both variations have the rear winglet, however the Type 2 also features a sweep on the bottom portion of the end plate as well.

All end plates are finished with a show-quality, gel coating.

Please visit Shop NDF for pre-order details.  Type II end plates are available to order now, with each part being available no a made to order basis.  The Type I mold is still in progress and is open for pre-order before we are able to begin production.

Final Type 2 sample


Original Type 2 Spread Tow Weave Prototype (NO GEL COAT)


Final Type 2 sample


Original Type 1 prototype


In edition to the new product, we are also pleased to announce the expansion of our popular carbon sunroof plug line to include the 94-01 Integra chassis.  Those of you that own a DC2/4 will now have the ability to drop a significant amount of weight, and ultimately lower your cars center of gravity with this part.  We are now taking pre-orders for the DC2 plug – see the site store for details.


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