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Encounter: ティー・ゲット タイムアタックのBNR34

My first encounter with T-Get came in the form of a R35 GTR; the last team car they commissioned at HKS Premium Day in 2014.  That car, however, was visually very factory looking, with only a GT wing and mild canard setup added to the exterior (if I recall correctly it was still on factory wheels).  Their 2015 entrant, the shop R34, is quite the contrast from the previous years.

Encounter: Untouched R34


In the same lot that I spotted the FD I posted last week was this completely stock R34.  I can’t even remember the last time I saw one of these without any modification.  Looking at it from the side, it looks a little too tall for my tastes – but how perfect would this thing be if it were lowered just a bit?  I got a few more shots past the break.

Encounter: Katsuradai R34

. This pristine R34 is always parked out front of a Junior High School in the quiet neighborhood of  かつらだい (Katsuradai); where my friend’s in-laws live.  I’m guessing the owner is a teacher, or administrator […]