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Interview: Tomohiko ‘Under’ Suzuki – Japan’s S15 Meister

Years ago when Suzuki paired up with Takemura of Scorch Racing, I can’t imagine either of them knowing just how far they’d push the envelope of time attack; not only in Japan, but worldwide.  From making somewhat crude body panels himself in the small garage, to employing the knowledge of Andrew Brilliant, the famous aerodynamicist; things sure have changed in the past few years.  One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is Suzuki’s drive to win and his dedication to the progression of his S15.

Interview: The Wolves behind Wekfest – A Visit To Weksos Industries

Every once in awhile, my life points me in the direction of some pretty great things.  I have a passion for this industry, and above all, I enjoy sharing it with the people who share my same sentiment – sharing and networking have always been the heart of my blog.  As a result of this, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some really amazing people.  Last year, if someone had told me I’d be having conversations with the pioneers of the industry all across the world, I would have laughed; or chuckled at least.  Well, it turns out it wasn’t such a funny concept.  Getting a chance to meet the people behind the brand, or the builders behind the cars is something not everyone gets to do.  A few days ago I had the chance to sit down with Kenneth Li and Adam Luong from Weksos Industries in San Jose, CA.  We chatted for a couple hours about the current state of the scene, where it came from, where it’s headed, a little about Japan, and a little about wolf fighting.  Click past the break to learn more about what Weksos is, and who is responsible for one of the greatest shows in the US – Wekfest.