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Feature: Neighborhood Watch Program – Algier Built EVO VIII


If you were to imagine a specific car that, in your own mind, possessed the qualities of protector, or a guardian; what car would you choose?  For me, it would always be the Mitsubishi EVO.  Something about it just gives off a ‘sentry’ feel.  Perhaps it’s the bold, boxy lines, it’s potential for great power or even it’s masculine stature.  There is quite obviously a good amount of guardian like character in any EVO, but this one in particular, has more than most.  I’ve never seen where Algier lives, but I bet I would feel pretty safe with his EVO standing watch over the neighborhood.  Right, I’ll admit that the theme to this feature is a little far-fetched; but it’s still a bit amusing if you think about it.  Modified cars coming to life to protect…the…people…oh my god I’m describing Transformers…damn.  I knew I had heard of that concept somewhere.  Anyway, all that aside, Algier has put together an extremely quality build that I’ve really taken a liking too.  This past weekend I flew up to the bay area and made the short trip over to San Jose the next morning to meet up with Algier.  He had just spent the entire previous day at HIN so I was thankful that he was able to make it out for a few hours the next morning.  Click past the break to see more of this insanely clean 8.

Feature: Thunder Drift IS400 – 2012 Build Progress


For those of you who are regulars of NDF, this Lexus (…is that what this is?) will be a familiar site to you.  It belongs to Joe McGuigan and is in the process of quite the transformation.  If you’re not familiar with what Joe does, check this out.   If you aren’t familiar with what he does it with, check this out.  Last year, Joe ran Thunder Drift with the stock 2JZ; underpowered to say the least.  Well, as you can see, things have changed.  With the 2012 season approaching and new targets in his site, he’s decided to ditch the OEM power in favor of some V8 juice!  Check out more of the 1UZ swap progress past the break.

Encounter: Drift Prepped IS300


I flew up to San Francisco on Tuesday to visit with a few friends and visit for a few days.  I hadn’t been back to Nor-Cal for years now, and it was nice to get back to my roots.  On the way back to the airport, just before the 101, I saw this IS come rolling up next to us, so I grabbed the cam real quick and snapped some shitty pics of it.  Turned out to be Joe McGuigan’s ProAm built Altezza.  I thought it was a pretty cool catch.  Click past the break for more.