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Event: Nismo Festival 2011 v.2


Ahhh, Nismo Festival.  A celebration of all things Nissan.  Oh, wait.  I already introduced this coverage with some mediocre commencement.  Let’s dive right in to the second part of the Nismo Festival coverage with these RC cars.  No, not radio controlled.  RC stands for Racing Competition in this case; a series of cars built by the NISMO factory specifically for competition.  When I say specifically for competition I mean just that – you cannot drive these on the street; and yes, they are expensive.  But if the car isn’t enough, and you’re looking to spend even more money, you can also buy NISMO’s technical support upon delivery.  Think of it as a warranty on steroids.   Let’s check out some more past the break.  You guys are in for a treat with this post…

RC Lounge: The R32’s Test Drive


With a fully charged battery and a tastefully decorated G-Works body, it was time to finally take my R32 for a test drive.  I went downstairs with my Nikon and let it rip.  I gotta say – this thing is great fun.  It’s fast and my new SkyFly transmitter is responsive, but I think I’ll spring for the GT Tuned motor soon.  We could always use a little more speed.  With the help of my co-driver, Anny, I snapped a few pics.  Check um’ out past the break.