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Event: R’s Meeting 2011 – Fuji Speedway v.2

Welcome back to the second part of the R’s Meeting coverage from Fuji.  I’m considering this a remote post because I’m actually not at home right now.  If you’re a regular follower you’ll have seen my post about my computer crashing; so I flew to Oakland to get some software from my friend in Hayward.  While I’m here I thought I may as well post up the second part of the Skyline madness.  Remember we have a facebook page now – be sure to friend up on the side bar.  Cheers!

Event: R’s Meeting 2011 – Fuji Speedway v.1


Have you ever had one of those months that seems to last only a few days?  Between work and my unnatural, incessant need to constantly be inside of an airplane, it feels as if I haven’t been home for more than a few hours each week.  It shows in the site traffic too; so here to remedy this is the first installment of the GT-R Magazine R’s Meeting 2011 at Fuji Speedway.  I gave you a preview of JDM Clips’ coverage when I posted the Encounter with Auto Gallery Yokohama’s R32, but past the break is the first round of event coverage.  Enjoy.

Encounter: Auto Gallery Yokohama R32


This past weekend at Fuji Speedway, GT-R Magazine held ‘R’s Meeting 2011’, a giant gathering of Skyline owners and their cars.  This event seems to be extremely similar to the Skyline Festival; which was sponsored by Nissan.   Exhibitions and ride-alongs were given throughout the day from the various tuners that attended.  One car that I will always be happy to see, and will eventually get to photograph one day, is the Auto Gallery Yokohama R32.  This has always been my favorite Skyline build and I’m excited to share some photos with you – compliments of JDM Clips.  Click past the break for a few quick snaps.