One Shot: Garage G-Force Twin Charged EVO X

Yuta came over to my place this evening and we talked about a few things for a new side project we’re kind of working on with the Podcast; kind of a revamp of the old ‘Hey Yuta’ series that was pretty much a flop.  After we had finished and we were in my garage talking before he left, the topic of magazines came up and where they were headed.  It got me reminiscing about a few things, namely the short time I spent in Japan scouting cars and pitching them to Charles and Scott.  While my stint with IT lasted a mere two years, I had a lot of good memories.

I never really posted extras from each shoot I did, and looking through my past work I realized how much time I really dedicated to it…I was really driven.  Combing through the Garage G-Force article, I didn’t realize how much work I put into each photo.  I’d show you the originals but they’re kind of yucky – that shop floor is really, really green.  You can read the article in it’s entirety and see more shots if you click the link.

Just thought I’d share.

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