Event: Wekfest San Jose 2015

I didn’t even know I was going to be in Northern California until about a day before I left.  A few friends of mine were going up to Berkeley this past Friday for a concert and while I was hesitent to go because of my schedule, I kind of wanted to tag along to see a few friends that live in the City.  I eventually ended up getting a ticket last minute and attending the concert as well.  Since we were going to be staying in East Bay until Sunday anyway, the general consensus was to make the slight detour to San Jose and attend Wekfest.

I hadn’t initially planned on attending any other Wekfest this year, save for Long Beach.  I’ve been busy the past couple weeks managing the store front with the new product, as well as getting things ready for my trip to Japan this coming week.  On top of all that I had a few design gigs and freelance projects I was invested in, so I wasn’t sure I would be able to spare an entire weekend – things just didn’t line up (when it rains it pours).  In the end though I figured a small break would be beneficial to clear my mind.  It worked, as I’m not only back on track already, I got to spend a weekend with some great friends and see some awesome builds.

NDF_4250-EditSpeaking of great friends, here is a horribly out of focus glamour shot of Kristian, Dilly, Karl and Carol, whom I was with for most of Sunday.  I was able to see some old friends the day before as well – squeeze it in when you can!

NDF_4183-EditThis Liberty Walk M4 on TE37 Ultras was one of the first cars to catch my eye after walking into the convention center.

NDF_4184-EditSimple, almost elegant; I really enjoy the color-way.

NDF_4186-EditLW M3 that was pretty much the opposite of the white car beside it.

NDF_4182-EditClean RWB build.

NDF_4191-EditAnother Liberty Walk car, but this time the panels are clad on this grey 997.

NDF_4197-EditI’ve always enjoyed seeing this Subaru – it’s one of my favorite STi builds to date.  I believe it took home best Subaru of the show.

NDF_4196-EditVery simple FD on Meisters.

NDF_4195-EditKristian and I stopped at the Rays booth to drool over the new Gram Light 57Transcend they had on display.  A pair of these are definitely on my shopping list.  The etched ‘Rays’ on the top of the spoke is an awesome feature.


NDF_4199-EditPorsche race car clad in Martini livery.


NDF_4212-EditThe newest build of the show; the Floss Design Rocket Bunny 240.  The race-spec BBS wheels were a nice touch.  Other RB 240 owners should take note of the ride height as well…



NDF_4200-EditCars that caught my attention were scattered about the convention center.  You all know by now my coverage is pretty selective.

NDF_4210-EditThis R32 was basic looking exterior wise, but I really enjoyed the look of the ZE40’s on the stock body.  Not sure about the red lug nuts though.

NDF_4209-EditSeeing how ridiculous this S2000 was made me miss mine a little bit.


NDF_4205-EditThen I stared at this one for like 10 minutes.  Really great build.


NDF_4203-EditThis LS400 was my favorite VIP build at the show.


NDF_4215-EditI didn’t see Adam at the show, but I did see his GS.  Too bad, I wanted to congratulate him on the cover and SS feature!




NDF_4219-EditThis is, and has been for awhile, one of my favorite S14 builds state-side.

NDF_4224-EditC-West DC2 on TE37’s? Can’t do much better than that.


NDF_4226-EditCool EF from Osaka JDM.  Extremely clean engine bay!


NDF_4228-EditOne of the cleanest EF’s pretty much ever.  The M’s Motors build was stopping people all day.  Joey actually has some extra photos of it on his blog.

NDF_4229-EditJonathan Wong glamour shot.

NDF_4233-EditAnother pretty cool STi that I really liked.


NDF_4236-EditCarbon fairing Ducati -_____-

NDF_4242-EditMy top pick of the show was this yellow FD owned by JDM Palace (or the owner of I would imagine).  The RE-Amemiya kitted RX7 was brought over straight from Japan.



With a fully-built, bridgeported 13B, it is by all means a race car.  It would make for the perfect street driven, weekend track car.

NDF_4239-EditThe bronze TE’s stand out great against the mixture  of bright yellow and carbon.

NDF_4240-EditHungover Kristian…



Thanks for stopping by!  Things are going to be pretty quiet this next week.  I’m working on editing a new Podcast, but after that I’ll be traveling throughout Japan for a little while. Cheers!



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  1. TurboIIFC

    Sorry but that RE Amemiya FD has a knockoff front bumper. I have the RE Amemiya N105 authentic bumper and ADGT kit on my car. The knockoffs always have poorly cut brake duct holes in the front from bad manufacturing. Nice car none the less.

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