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Event: バリドリ天国 Vol 3 – V.2

The flip side of all this is, naturally, what’s going on now.  The grassroots drift scene in Japan is as alive as it ever was and events like BariDoriTen do a great job of catering to both generations.  It’s true that nowadays many of the younger people jump straight into car ownership, they still have a working knowledge of their predecessors.  There’s no discrimination between age here, which makes for an event where some can relive their youth while others are experiencing it in the present.

Desktop: Castrol NSX GT Spec


I apologize for the lack of posts this month.  I’ve been super busy with life (& GT5), and have really been putting off finding content.  I was supposed to head to Irwindale today after work to check out Industry Day, but got tipped off that it wasn’t all that (thanks Addy).  To hold you over I’ll post this desktop that Taka sent over of the Japan GT Castrol NSX.  Click past the break for some desktop links.