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Site News: 19/20 Frontrunners Outerwear Release

Last month, we opened the store with part one of our two part Frontrunner 19/20 release.  The idea was to shortly follow it with the new outerwear for this Winter, but due to some logistical issue we had to postpone it to the first week of January.  Fortunately everything came together and we were able to open the store as scheduled today.

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Site News: NDF Storefront Opening 05/03

The heart of Japanese time attack lies with those at the top of the time sheets; the shop owners and drivers that have devoted their lives to the sport.  From our beginnings, we’ve worked together with these individuals to give them a stage to showcase their work.  The Frontrunners tee pays tribute to the builders that are pushing this motor sport to levels we’ve never seen.  Each year our list has grown, and 2018 is no different.