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Feature: Northern Exposure – The GNR Racing EK9

The evolution of time attack builds in Japan is, for me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the sport.  The dedication of the teams and the drivers to improve performance each season typically results in a year over year change in the appearance of the cars.  Especially given the fact that most of the Attack competitors are ghosts on social media in comparison, it’s always a surprise to see what they unveil at the start of each season.

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Encounter: GNR Racing EK9

This 280ps K-powered EK9 from GNR traveled a long way from home to run at the Attack event at Tsukuba this year.  The owner, Yasuko Asai, hails from the northern island of Hokkaido; needless to say he doesn’t get down to Ibaraki very often.  At his local circuit, Tokachi International Speedway, the car clocks a 1’24.666 on the Clubman course configuration.  An extremely respectable time when you consider that a Super Taikyu Porsche GT3 ran literally the same time.