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Event: Nismo Festival 2011 v.2


Ahhh, Nismo Festival.  A celebration of all things Nissan.  Oh, wait.  I already introduced this coverage with some mediocre commencement.  Let’s dive right in to the second part of the Nismo Festival coverage with these RC cars.  No, not radio controlled.  RC stands for Racing Competition in this case; a series of cars built by the NISMO factory specifically for competition.  When I say specifically for competition I mean just that – you cannot drive these on the street; and yes, they are expensive.  But if the car isn’t enough, and you’re looking to spend even more money, you can also buy NISMO’s technical support upon delivery.  Think of it as a warranty on steroids.   Let’s check out some more past the break.  You guys are in for a treat with this post…

Event: Nismo Festival 2011 v.1


OK, I’ve been putting this off for too long.  AutoCon can wait – it’s time for Nismo Festival coverage!  Held at Fuji Speedway annually, Nismo festival is the mecca of all things Nissan and, really, there couldn’t be a better venue!  On clear days, like this, Fuji-san is a visually dominating feature.  However, Nismo did their best to offer a variety of street and race cars to distract you from the great mountain view.  The highlight of this year’s festival had to be the motor sports ‘garage sale’ that Nismo put together.  Offering various wheels, and body parts from Super GT cars at extremely low prices – great for home decoration and collecting!  Imagine taking home a pair of Mag Volk wheels from a Super GT machine for $10 each!  How awesome of a coffee table would that make?  Anyway, click past the break for volume 1 of the coverage!

Encounter: Omori Factory Spec R32


I got such a good response from the Omori Factory built R34, that I thought I wouldn’t waste any time in posting up their S-Tune R32 build as well.  The concept of the S-Tune R32 is to remain a street car.  As a result, the body style has remained relatively unchanged.  To obtain maximum street-able performance that does not exceed the chassis’s strength is an important key in Japanese motor sports.  Thanks to our partner site JDM Clips for snagging these shots at Nismo Festival.  JDM Clips is one of the most watched channels Japanese motor sports on YouTube with loads of awesome content.  Be sure to click the link on the sidebar to check it out.  Click past the break to see more.

Encounter: Omori Factory Clubman Spec R34


Nismo; the name itself inspires thoughts of Nissan specific performance builds.  The list of performance related OEM divisions is long, but none are quite as powerful as the relationship between Nismo and Nissan.  With that said, the name Omori often goes unnoticed.  Omori is where Nismo is headquarted…well, was anyway; I believe it is moving to Yokohama.  Regardless, Omori Factory has been the birth-site of many NISMO creations.  Including the elusive Clubman Spec R34 you see here.  Click past the break to see more of the elusiveness…

Event: R’s Meeting 2011 – Fuji Speedway v.2

Welcome back to the second part of the R’s Meeting coverage from Fuji.  I’m considering this a remote post because I’m actually not at home right now.  If you’re a regular follower you’ll have seen my post about my computer crashing; so I flew to Oakland to get some software from my friend in Hayward.  While I’m here I thought I may as well post up the second part of the Skyline madness.  Remember we have a facebook page now – be sure to friend up on the side bar.  Cheers!