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Encounter: Pushing Limits – Tamiya Auto Select GTR34

There’s something to be said about the privateers that push the limits of what they can achieve in a street-trimmed car.  When it comes to modifying cars, abiding by the restrictions of the state isn’t something most people are looking forward to doing.  However, there are those that don’t mind the constraints.  Those that look forward to the challenge, and prefer to have the convenience of a street car in addition to a car they can track regularly.  Tamiya-san’s entire ethos is to see how much he can push his GTR under these regulations.

RC Lounge: The R32’s Test Drive


With a fully charged battery and a tastefully decorated G-Works body, it was time to finally take my R32 for a test drive.  I went downstairs with my Nikon and let it rip.  I gotta say – this thing is great fun.  It’s fast and my new SkyFly transmitter is responsive, but I think I’ll spring for the GT Tuned motor soon.  We could always use a little more speed.  With the help of my co-driver, Anny, I snapped a few pics.  Check um’ out past the break.