Encounter: ASM-spec S2000


You can tell this was edited awhile ago because of the old watermark; proof that I have a lot of content that’s waiting to be posted.  I’m almost embarrassed to call this another ‘Preview’ post, but basically that’s what it is.  I have a lot of good stuff from ASM that I shot last time I was in Japan that I have yet to post.  Actually met a really cool employee there that I keep in touch with now.  He moved around a lot as a kid because of his parent’s work and at one point was actually living in Orange County.  Anyway, he let me wander around the shop area and get up close and personal with one of the ASM time attack S2000’s (the one everyone is familiar with).  Most people don’t actually know that they have two.

I didn’t work on the new site at all today – I’ll be honest.  I was too busy with real work and getting my coupe ready for the track day on Saturday.  I’m super under-prepared as usual and will be working until the day of the event I’m sure.  It’s at the Streets of Willow the same weekend that Super Street is hosting it’s FF Battle.  We’ll be racing in the Level 3 group, so I’ll get to watch the actual FF Battle take place and maybe get some good shots from the pits.  I’ll be sure to document everything I can as I’m sure there will be some good times.  I’ll be competing for last place and best MPG.  Thanks for visiting!



  1. OLD post but i actually just saw this exact car while I was in japan. Extremely impressive car. Carbon copy (literally) of their narrow body time attack car. Did you meet Alvin? I keep in touch with him now too!

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