Encounter: Bad Quality’s Nakagawa-san – TAS 2014



Nakagawa Shuichi’s S13 build is most likely one of the most well known on the internet.  In fact, it was even on the cover of this month’s Super Street magazine.  What amazes me though, is almost every time I see it, it looks completely different.  Here it is at Tokyo Auto Salon, and while the body panels are the same, aesthetically it’s gone through another transformation.


Mainly the color way and livery, but still, there’s an intense amount of work that goes into this car on a daily basis that allows such constant changes.




The Equips that once filled the Rocket Bunny flares have also been traded out for the show.  As well as the addition of a gurney flap of sorts on the rear duck bill.  I look forward to seeing yet another new look, and my guess is we won’t have to wait too long.



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