One Shot: Garage Work Birthday Hijinx



Last week Sekinei and I stopped by Garage Work to surprise Tora-san for his birthday.  We ended up hanging out for a few hours talking about Attack and various aspects of FF driving.  I’m working on a collaboration with Tora to run a similar front end on my car here, so it was good to get the run down on everything from hardware and mounting points to materials and measurements given my current setup and the tracks we run in America.  I also ended up shooting Kubo’s EG and a couple shots around the shop again.  I think the time spent at this shop is enjoyed the most; as both employees radiate a sincere love for what they do and are really good friends.


I took this silly picture of Kubo standing on the new splitter Work made for his EG.


I’m working on the edits for Winter Cafe at the moment, but due to work I’m finding it hard to get much done at a time.  This weekend I’ll be able to knock out the first post for sure.




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