Encounter: Tatsumi Nights With Masa and Motomasu

I was browsing through some older photos on my hard-drives this evening and came across these shots of Masaki-san’s, and Ono-san’s Porsches one night – since it’s Thursday, and the appropriate thing to do these day’s on a Thursday is to throw things back, I decided to post them up.  There were a few of us that had gone out to Tatsumi to say hi to some friends and we ended up meeting them out there.  Yoko was there as well which was a nice surprise.  These photos were actually already processed, for some reason I never uploaded them.  Really trying to find time to drive in Idlers again this year, and seeing some of these cars gives me some motivation.  Click past the break to check them out.


Masa has been a good friend of mine, and site supporter, for a few years now.  Sekinei first introduced me to him when we started to do the Umihotaru meets back in 2012 or so.  He’s had his Porsche, ‘Yves Piaget’, for a few years now and it never gets old.


This night was one of his first out since he gotten the engine rebuilt at Pentroof.  In it’s new form, the engine output just about 400 naturally aspirated horsepower; insane right?


I wish I took an audio clip of the car at idle – it sounded great.



Motomasu Ono accompanied Masa that night as well in his beautiful blue ‘Mujer Bonita’.  You can see a few more shots of his Porsche here.


The profile of the 964 has always been unique to me – there’s a part of me that really enjoys it, but part of me that is bothered somehow by it…I’ve never been able to put my finger on it.


The hue of blue this car is painted in is incredibly pretty.


I put my crushed BOSS can on Yoko’s wing…not sure why.

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