Event: The Return to Makuhari – Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 V.3

This week has flown by and I really haven’t gotten a chance to just sit down uninterrupted to edit and write.  All last week I was in Tucson for work, and have been using this week to kind of catch up.  I took the little free time I did have to spend at the shop working on the new motor and to start fabricating my dashboard.  I don’t quite have all the parts collected to finish the head yet, so I should be concentrating on other areas of the car, time permitting.  I have some work scheduled for it mid-February, and hoping to have a few open items finished by the end of the month.  I’ve also been working to restock the site store by, and wrap up the new shirt design – mostly by way of email correspondence!  We should have a few announcements coming within the next week or so.  In the meantime, I managed to finish the edits from Tokyo Auto Salon and have one final post for you – check it out below.

I have enough photos to split this up into a third and fourth segment, but honestly I may as well just wrap it up now.  It’s already been a few weeks since the event, and I really need to get started on the Evome projects.  Actually, it’s looking like I’ll be back in Japan for the second round of Evome before I even finish the projects for the first round (I need time!).  Anyway, enjoy the remainder!

NDF_7664-EditMy friend Ikegaya introduced me to Shoji-san of Star Road when we ran into him at his booth.  He was showing a handful of cars, all on the newly available Glow Star wheel color.  This bright orange 240 was sporting the body kit that Shoji designed over the course of last year.  It’s gone through some minor revisions, but Star Road will be offering this kit later in the year to the general public.  When I asked Shoji what he’d be calling the kit, he laughed and said “the beautiful looking kit” (haha). It does look beautiful though, and it’s refreshing to see new development for such an old chassis.  Scroll down for some more angles.






NDF_7744-EditThe height of the rear wing was actually shortened a few millimeters to give the rear end a more fitting appearance.



NDF_7660-EditAlso on display at the main booth was a restored Skyline.

NDF_7740-EditStar Road

NDF_7680-EditSpirit Rei had a couple of really nice Nissan’s on display.

NDF_7684-EditThis Silvia in-particular was incredible.  Named ‘Miyabi’ (Japanese for elegance), this car displays their newest line of carbon exterior parts.  The car was so well put together I must have admired it for 15 minutes.


NDF_7681-EditThe color way and parts selection was really well chosen.




NDF_7629-EditGo-san at G-Corporation had another big-body sedan on display.  This one was recently finished in the flashy, full graphic livery that the company has come to be known for.  Check out those end plates.


NDF_7632-EditYokoi’s D-Max S15 that he used in FD.


NDF_7634-EditNext to the S15 was this Toyota sporting a new line of aero parts.

NDF_7639-EditAutobacs Super GT display.

NDF_7641-EditNext to Shimaya’s FD was the Endless Z4.

NDF_7655-EditBride had all their seat varieties on display to try out.



NDF_7678-EditBack from their TAS hiatus, Tomei had a really strong display setup this year.  They had the newly finished JZX100 on hand, which they built in part with FD driver Kenji Yamanaka.  The 2JZ had the entire catalog of Tomei parts including the 3.6 liter stroker kit.

NDF_7691-EditC-West had this very classly Lexus on hand.

NDF_7695-EditHere’s a photo of Ikegaya taking a photo of Jay taking pictures of the booth models.

NDF_7699-EditUp Garage D1 S15

NDF_7703-EditReally liked this 86 at the Advan booth – tastefully built!




NDF_7708-EditAt the Varis booth I ran into the Kamikaze-R GTR along with a beautiful red colored Z34 dubbed ‘Kamikaze-Z’.

NDF_7710-EditGarage Yamaguchi TA FD3S built in conjunction with RE.  This car was…bright.  The engine is also extensively put together; a 650 horsepower, T88 powered, side ported 3-rotor 20B rotary motor sits under the hood.  The car is lowered on Quantum Scoot suspension mated to Swift springs.

The Prodrive (Potenza) RW006 wheels are super unique and match the car perfectly.

NDF_7712-EditReally cool car – hope to see it on track soon.



NDF_7716-EditThe old Gruppe M ‘Hurricane’ 7.  Last I heard this car had traded hands to a Thai owner and was still going to compete in WTAC.  It looks like it’s sans a few aero bits here at the RE booth.  I’m not quite sure of it’s current standing, but would like to look into it a bit more.

NDF_7746-EditNew TE37V SL was on display along with a plethora of other Rays wheels.

NDF_7747-EditI just took an hour break to watch the Democratic debate on MSNBC.  I chose to write this here because I have no real feeling towards this R35 other than I like the Sunoco decal.  Wheels are cool too.  Who are you going to vote for in November?



J’s Racing had their iconic S2000 demo car out.  How can you miss this thing?  Very G-Corp’esque.


A picture of a man taking a picture of the Top Secret R35.



Really cool drag R33 on display around RH9.




BN Sports made some waves with the unveiling of their 86.  Interesting…?


Super cool Euro R wagon at the Nacks booth.




Then there was this thing at J-Line.  I liked this.



Cockpit Tatebayashi ER34 dressed in URAS is, well, amazing.



Cockpit also had this really cool, RB powered wagon.



Show-goers lined the walls to take a break from walking the enormous halls, and to enjoy a warm beverage…and also I’m pretty much out of things to say…so…

I hope you enjoyed the selective coverage of my experience at TAS this year.  I know there were a lot more cars, but I think I summarized those that appealed to the site pretty well.  I may highlight one or two more cars I really liked at the show, but I think for the most part it’s time to move on to some more attack oriented coverage.  Next stop, TC2000 ~



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