Encounter: C.S. Polsche Tuned Accord Euro-R

I was looking through my hard-drives searching for a particular image I’m using for a project that I’ve been working on and came across a folder full of cars that I had meant to share a few months ago but, for a multitude of reasons, never got around to it.  One of the cars was an Accord Euro-R I happened upon at Fuji Speedway.  The owner mentioned that he was local to the Fuji area and has his car tuned at the Yamanashi-based shop C.S. Polsche.  I like seeing these street oriented builds at major circuits, so I took a few moments to look it over.

For a track like Fuji, the car asks a lot from it’s nearly stock K20A engine.  The build is tailored to longer events where reliability becomes more important than power but the afternoon’s track day hosted by Endless was a perfect opportunity to test the car in extreme temperatures.  The car’s exterior has been massaged with a Mugen front bumper and accompanying Mugen side and rear lip kit.

A square 245/25/17 tire setup is used with a pair of bronze Volk RE30 up front, and Gunmetal TE37’s in the rear; a great looking combo.  Endless brakes provide plenty of stopping power for the slightly heavy set sedan.  Full interior remains to achieve maximum comfort, as the car is still commissioned to drive on a daily basis.  Overall a really cool build that shows that compromise isn’t necessarily always a bad thing.  Enjoy the photos.

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  1. It is c.s. polsche
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