Editorial: To The End, Do Your Best

Given our current global state of affairs, the website has been slow as of late.  A lot of the plans we had have been postponed, naturally, and some were cancelled indefinitely.  A small price to pay in the big picture, and one we’d gladly do again to mitigate the damage we’ve seen worldwide.

The reach that this event has had is nothing like I’ve ever seen in my life.  It’s unique in the fact that, while the spectrum has variance, we’re in this collectively as a species.  The entire world is working towards a common goal.  Everyone has been affected by this in varying degrees; unfortunately some more than others, and for those that experienced loss I am truly sorry.

At the shop and in the office, we’ve been doing our best to simulate a ‘business as usual’ attitude during all this, and albeit fleeting at times, it has worked to a certain degree.  We’re making progress on some really cool stuff coming up and as the trend of good news increases day after day, I look forward to getting back to a somewhat regular schedule.  It didn’t take long for me to realize how much I undervalued the ability to see my friends and family at any given time.  Our freedoms are often times taken for granted and it takes an event like this for us to appreciate them once again.  Now is a great time to reach out to a loved one and remind them you’re thinking of them.

And with that being said; how are you all?  I hope well.

Stay positive, stay healthy, and most of all do your best.



If you do your best to the end, you will succeed // 最後まで頑張れば成功します


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