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With the down time I’ve had due to an inability to travel, I began organizing my media storage several months ago in an attempt to be proactive in how I store all of the assets I’ve accumulated over the years.  What I thought was going to be a simple sorting exercise, turned into an idea to publish a photo book showcasing my time spent around race tracks in Japan.

Since my ability to work on Volume 3 of 80R has been delayed because of COVID, the ‘Circuit’ project has been a great way to both organize many of my unpublished photos, as well as serve as a reminder that this year, albeit a difficult one, is just a single point along the timeline of life.  By plotting out the photos I’ve taken over the past decade, it’s a lot easier to see the forest for the trees; that is to say, the big picture became more clear.

“Photography deals in single moments; isolated points in a timeline. As if everything in life gets condensed into that demanded instant. Photographs can stand alone, but if you keep creating these points, they have the potential to reflect your life.”


I believe that racing and motor sport have a very unique community around it.  Regardless of the type of racing we involve ourselves in, the feelings that surround it are very similar.  It’s because of this that we’re able to share a parallel set of emotions when looking through photographs – recalling our own individual experiences.  Each circuit emanates a type of aura that transcends experience – I think the more time you spend at them, the easier this is to see.  Because of this, the nostalgia of our own past life can be remembered through a photograph that we’ve never even seen before.  It’s truly special.

In this book, I’ve included photos of friends, colleagues, behind the scenes candid portraits, photos of the tracks and their infrastructures, and a select few abstract photos that hold personal value.  I know that you’ve not seen most of them, but I hope that you will view them as your own, and use them to recall your own personal memories of the race track.

The books are available now through the end of the month at the site store (

– Published in A5 format
– 150 pages/100+ Photos/6 Circuits
– 100# Matte Stock
– Digitally Printed
– UV Coated
– Numbered and Signed




COVIDのために80Rの第3巻で作業する能力が遅れたため、「回路」プロジェクトは、未発表の写真の多くを整理するだけでなく、今年は難しいことではありますが、思い出させるための優れた方法でした。 1つは、人生のタイムラインに沿った1つのポイントにすぎません。過去10年間に撮影した写真をプロットすることで、森の樹木を簡単に確認できます。つまり、全体像がより明確になりました。




–150ページ/ 100枚以上の写真








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