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Event: VTEC Club Season 2 Final Round V.2

With all the running around and traveling I’ve done for the busy holiday I almost forgot I had a couple more shots from the final round of VTEC Club to post up.  After chatting around the paddock area, and bouncing from the beginning of the straight to the end, Duane approached me and asked if I wanted to head over to Cotton Corners.  I gladly accepted because I don’t get to go to the infield at these events too often.  It’s nice to get a different perspective when photographing track events.  As a result though, most of the on-track shots in this post will be from there and may be a little repetitive.

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Event: VTEC Club Season 2 Final Round V.1

It never ceases to amaze me; the successes of hard working people.  The last VTEC Club USA event took place last week, and it’s given me a chance to reflect on the entire season, and everyone that’s been involved in the project all the way from the conception phase.  The individuals who saw the need to fill a missing niche in our world of motor sport, and took the steps to achieve just that.  Even those who had the foresight to see what type of community could be created from a series like this are probably surprised at the outcome.  Starting a new series from the ground up, albeit hosted by a well-known name (Extreme Speed), takes a lot of work and to have it explode in popularity overnight is a testament to how well it’s been organized.  Duane Bada, ‘Tom Attack’, Kristian Wong, Matt Rojana, Yuta, Amir, the sponsors, the media partners, and everyone else that has been involved in making the series what it is deserve a huge thank you from anyone who has participated this season.  I’m definitely looking forward to next year, but first, for the last event of this year, we head over to Buttonwillow Raceway Park one last time for Round 5 of Season 2.

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Event: Attack Fever 11/23 Extra Coverage

I had a couple more shots Sekinei sent over from the Attack event last month that I processed real quick; thought I’d just clump them together in a bonus gallery to start your week off on the right foot.  Probably should have just included them in one of the two posts, but I think I may have gotten side tracked haha.  Don’t want them to go to waste, so click past the break to see the gallery.

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Event: Attack Fever – 11.23.2015 V.2

We pick up at Tsukuba right as the green flag for the first session drops. I’ve always thought the anticipation of a Time Attack event is second only to the time the cars take to the track.  The consuming sound of the high reeving engines, late breaking into corners, the snapping of the cars as they oversteer out of the turns; it’s almost too much excitement to handle.  Let’s head track-side for the second round of Monday’s coverage; click the break to see the action.

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Event: Attack Fever – 11.23.2015 V.1

Attack season in Japan officially kicked off with the first Attack Fever event being held at Tsukuba’s infamous TC2000.  The event drew a good amount of participants, no doubt eager to start racing once again.  While the weather ended up taking a turn for the worse halfway through the morning, there was still enough time for a handful of ideal laps to be thrown down.

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Event: Super Lap Battle 2015

This past Thursday, Global Time Attack, in conjunction with Super Street, held the Super Lap Battle event at Buttonwillow Raceway Park.  SLB is the last event of the GTA series and as usual, the most looked forward to of the season.  Teams from all over North American arrived with hopes of breaking records and clinching titles.  This was the first time I’ve attended SLB in quite some time, and it was interesting to compare it to the events I’ve been going to both here and in Japan.  SLB is a two day event, and it’s much more expensive than your run-of-the-mill track event, so you know that those competing are putting everything they have to be on top; not to mention the cost of those traveling across country.  It all makes for a very vibrant feeling around the pits and on track.

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Event: The Chronicles Year 7

This past Saturday, Joey from The Chronicles held his annual meet at the Eibach Facility in Corona, CA. 2015 marked the 7th year of the website, and hundreds of people came out to show their appreciation for Joey’s work. I was headed up North that weekend, but came to Corona a bit early to say hi to everyone before I left. A lot of friends from Japan attend as they are in town for SEMA which is going on this week. I was able to get some coverage before I left around 1.