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Event: Attack Fever 11/23 Extra Coverage

I had a couple more shots Sekinei sent over from the Attack event last month that I processed real quick; thought I’d just clump them together in a bonus gallery to start your week off on the right foot.  Probably should have just included them in one of the two posts, but I think I may have gotten side tracked haha.  Don’t want them to go to waste, so click past the break to see the gallery.

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Event: Attack Fever – 11.23.2015 V.2

We pick up at Tsukuba right as the green flag for the first session drops. I’ve always thought the anticipation of a Time Attack event is second only to the time the cars take to the track.  The consuming sound of the high reeving engines, late breaking into corners, the snapping of the cars as they oversteer out of the turns; it’s almost too much excitement to handle.  Let’s head track-side for the second round of Monday’s coverage; click the break to see the action.

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Event: Attack Fever – 11.23.2015 V.1

Attack season in Japan officially kicked off with the first Attack Fever event being held at Tsukuba’s infamous TC2000.  The event drew a good amount of participants, no doubt eager to start racing once again.  While the weather ended up taking a turn for the worse halfway through the morning, there was still enough time for a handful of ideal laps to be thrown down.